The Lion

The Lion told us stories. Told us stories of the
Many great things that happened to him. He
Went to war with many and
Died. But his spirit did not.

Like a small patch of grass exposed to the sun,
He explained his pursuit for water and warmth.
The Lion told us stories that made us cry. With
Tears overflowing and dreams never dying,
The Lion motivated us.

The Lion sang to us. He sang of songs of harmony
And peace and serenity and calmness.
The Lion saw an opportunity and went in.
He went in and killed. Ruthlessly,
He slashed and cut and scratched and bit.
The enemies are bloodied and left to die.

Like a hungry kid wolfing down food,
He explained his pursuit for food.
The Lion asked us to lie down beside him.
We did not for he stank. He reeked of oil,
As if he just came out of a polluted river.

The Lion spoke to us. He spoke of democracy and
Liberalism and free-thinking. Never had he told us that.
We slept. He closed in on us – Slowly -
And gobbled us insignificant things up in one mouth.