so it's been a while. it's also (as you can see) the 'return' of Amelia and Sebastian. Real Life Amelia and Real Life Sebastian broke up last year. RLA turned into a zombie; RLS turned into a doorknob. they have since reconciled because RLS's family pointed out that being a doorknob was no good and Real Life Victorie turned out to be a complete jerk. i am planning on writting about the whole thing once it's not taboo to talk about it again. RLA and RLS are together again and things look like they're moving fast for them. this is what i believe might be next.

Amelia lay in bed, covers pulled up her back to her shoulders. She wasn't sleeping, but she didn't want the man next to her to know that. He, she knew, was awake and he was watching her. She could feel his eyes, that soft green colour she knew so well, tracing the lines of her face. Well, she was stomach down with her head buried just a little under the covers, her arms up underneath to form a small dip for her head to rest in, so he could only see a little bit of her face. But what he could see, she knew he was soaking right up.

It had been two long years since Amelia had been like this with Sebastian and she knew they both had missed it. At first she thought it would be weird, sleeping in the circle of his arms again. Especially after how they had parted: the sudden and horrible dumping he served her with followed by the months of anger and confusion. When he finally realized just how badly he'd screwed up by choosing Victorie over Amelia, he began the slow process of rebuilding what he was afraid he'd lost forever. But now, only seven months in, he had somehow convinced her that she needed to spend the night, and that the only available place for sleeping was his bed. While he was in it.

"It's almost one in the morning, Ame," he'd said, his voice completely rational though she could see something else behind his eyes.

"And I have to be at work at eight," she informed him, "which is why I should go home now." He had shaken his head at her.

"If you sleep here, you can go to bed now rather than have to stay awake all the way home. And I would feel uncomfortable with you driving this late at night, especially when I know how tired you are."

"What about work clothes?" she asked. "I'd have to end up going home anyway, and that would mean waking up earlier so I could get to work on time." He had paused, debating on the merits of telling her she didn't exactly have to go home for her things as he had never been able to get rid of them before.

"I might still have a skirt and shirt of yours," he settled on. "And I know I've got other girl things here for you to use."

"I'm not touching anything Victorie used," was her immediate response.

"You know she took everything of hers when she left, Ame. And I do have girl-cousins who visit sometimes. Ashley was here just last week, remember?" Amelia did remember, but she was still hesitant.

"Well, if I did stay here, where would I sleep?"

"You could use my bed."

"But what about you? If I'm using your bed, where would you sleep, the couch?"

"Well, I don't know how well that would work," he started and Amelia, though tired, was aware enough able to recognize a scheming look in his eyes. "I just started fighting again and the couch dips right where I pulled my shoulder. We've shared before, Ame; would it be weird to tonight?"

It had actually felt as natural as breathing to climb into bed next to him, to feel his warmth beside her, wrapping around her as he gathered her into his arms. That had been an hour ago and Amelia still couldn't sleep.

"I can feel you staring at me," she mumbled when it became too much of a bother. He chuckled softly and ran a hand through her hair.

"Sorry, Ame. I just… I've missed you."

"I've missed you too," she told him, "but I'm not about to let it keep me up at night. Especially when I have work in the morning." Amelia opened one bleary blue eye to look at him. "Have I mentioned I have to be in at eight in the morning? In Amelia-time, that means that I have to wake up at six. It's two now; that's less than six hours of sleep, Sebastian."


"Yes; Amelia-time always gets me there early or on time. Sebastian-time would get me there anywhere from fifteen minutes to a half-hour late."

"So I'm always late?" he asked, giving her a smug, amused smile.

"Yes you are. But I am not, so can I sleep now?"

He smiled, happy to have her with him again, and dragged her closer. She let out a pitiful groan but didn't offer any other protest. Sebastian slipped further down the bed as she readjusted herself on her stomach, then he slid an arm up her back under the covers to burry a hand in her hair and draped one of his legs over hers. Now wrapped mostly around her, he leaned forward a bit to kiss and nuzzle her shoulder.

Amelia found this just a little too weird, but he was so warm that she didn't want to move. He had never been quite so affectionate before, this cuddly with her. When they had shared beds before, they had spooned and even that had felt less intimate than this. She didn't want to question it too closely, though. He probably just missed having someone else in his bed; it had been seven months, after all, and that was a very long time for him.

"Love you, Ame," he murmured as she finally started to drift off.

And she had nothing else to say.

The Next Morning...

"You should come back here after work," Sebastian said as he fixed himself a mug of dark, sweet coffee. Amelia paused in packing the lunch he'd made her into her purse and looked up, baffled.

"I should?" Sebastian shrugged and tried to sound nonchalant.

"Why not? We could make dinner together and figure out what we should do over the weekend. And since it's a Friday, you could just stay here instead of going home."

Amelia frowned and leaned against the table. She studied her friend's back, looking for traces of anything, any possible indicator of his motivations for asking that question. This was not normal Sebastian behaviour. He seemed much too tense, sounded a little too vulnerable than he had in months previous.

"Sebastian, I don't know if that's a good idea. I mean, isn't that kind of… couple-ly?" The tall man frowned but kept his back to her, drawing out the stirring process.

"We used to spend weekends together all the time, Ame. Why can't we now?" Amelia paused again before answering.

"This would be a solid four days together, Sebastian. On purpose. With no other reason than 'why not'. I don't really know how I feel about that, Sebastian. Besides, I have things at my place that I have to do, dishes and laundry…. I don't know that it would be appropriate for us to stay here for the next three days." Now he turned, feeling a vague sense of desperation and hoping she couldn't see it.

"Well, if you have things you need to do at your place, maybe I could help. Two would get it done faster than one. You could do your laundry and I could do the dishes and afterwards we could go see a movie or something. We could start doing the things we used to do again."

"Sebastian –"

"Or," he interrupted, sound much more casual than he felt, "since I'm off today, I could do it while you're at work then pack you a bag for the weekend. We wouldn't even have to stay here. We could go to Atlantic City while the weather is still nice out. Come on, Amelia. I just… I just want to spend time with you again. You're so busy with work and classes… I miss you and I want to spend the week end with you. If you have homework, you can bring it; I'll even help. Just… please?"

Amelia stared at her long-time friend. Inside of her a war waged. She wanted to go with him, but it was so couple-ly and not what they would have done back before they split. Now they were just friends and 'just friends' didn't spirit off for the weekend together to an East Coast Resort City. But he sounded like he really meant it, like he really wanted her. It wouldn't do her any favours to get sucked back into the black-hole of loving him, but he sounded genuinely in need of her. She could see it in his eyes; he wanted her, not just someone to hang out with.

"Well… I really do like the beach…"

A smile broke out across Sebastian's face, so bright it took her breath away. Seeing it, she was reminded of just how much he meant to her. Seeing it, she remembered why she fell in love with him in the first place.

so that was that. having spoken to RLS and RLA, this is something that i could easily see happening between them. however, since this is fiction and not Real Life, things probably won't go so nicely as they did here. i realize that his whole saga is a little difficult to follow (for those who actually decide to read this), but i'm using FP as a place to put it and work on for the moment. eventually, the thing will be complete and not this fragmented pile of crap. one day, any way. so review so i can figure out what's wrong with it.