Author's Note: Hello my lovely readers! Here's a sneak peak for the next part. This time instead of just focusing on Sirius and Aidan, it's from four different points of view. Yes, it may be confusing, but with the conflict going on, it gives you the whole view of the war from each side.

Tarot: The side of the rebel vampires, trying to claim back their kingdom

Adrian: Part of the rebellion, wanted, with a price on his head.

Tom: The pack leader's right hand man, part of the attack and murder of the vampires

Sirius: Completely seperated from the fued, but dealing with his own issues and guilt.

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I rolled down the window and climbed out of it and onto the roof of the car. My eyes slowly started to glow, my own transformation starting. By nature all vampires have one animal they can transform into, though there have never been any reported cases of a vampire turning into a dog. Over the years, the knowledge of the transformation was forgotten by many. Only the royal family knew how, but I was the anomaly, in more ways than one. I knew how to transform, and I could become more than one animal. It was my ability like how Sirius has spirit control.


July 4, 2003

Dear Journal,

Happy 4th of July. I saw the fireworks with Ryuichi, another date. He kissed me before I had to leave. I'm in heaven, I swear. God, I'm scared for him though. I thought I saw one of the werewolves at the fireworks. I hope not…


Slowly, I walked over to her, and took Jefe's hand off her arm. She seemed almost terrified. "What is your name?" I asked in a cold voice.

That only seemed to frighten her more. My eyes glanced at her shuddering form. "R-Rayana Night."

It felt as though a ton of bricks collided with my stomach. A vampire? The princess no less?! She was only fifteen! I turned to look at my leader. "Why her? She's barely in her teens my lord."

A smirk formed across his lips. "Yes, that may be. But she is a vampire and with a vampire as your bride, the princess no less, no vampire would dare go against us."


"Marry me?" I asked Aidan in a whisper.

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