AUTHOR'S NOTE: I wrote this about a year and a half ago. It's about a soldier.


I have only hope to go on, but can't,

Can I asked something, that you can grant?

Tell our children, I tried really hard.

War is only like a losing card.

Played and Tossed,

and my life, it now costs,

Tell our men that they fought well,

The hope of winning, no one can tell.

Tell the people, I tried too,

But also tell them, my life will be a-new.

Tell our enemies, and our brothers,

We're all the same, just like the others.

I'm wishing one more hour,

to see you, a shining flower.

But my time has come,

My hands are getting numb.

I shall tell God that you should win,

And I will tell him, you're only killing for the safety of your kin.

Moments pass, and I shall go.

Oh please, please, do not say no.

I will see you up, up there.

Deal with the others in car.

Thus is the time,

To die, and end this rhyme.


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