I groaned; dragging my leg as I fell through the door and back into the, now, completely empty room.

Rolling over, I allowed myself a moment to breath. Slow, deep breaths…

I could still smell the flames. Burning flesh…

I shuddered, knowing the smell would never leave my mind, embedded for a lifetime in my nostrils…and the little plant, he was gone…how could I just leave him behind? I was heartless; an animal. I deserved to be in that cell, if only to be away from humanity.

I sat up and stood. It was t-

Too quickly; I stood up too quickly and fell to my knees, clutching my head as the blood rushed through my skull. Pounding, pounding pain…the room blurred…I could feel myself falling…

My hand released the door handle and fell to my side.

I stood for a moment, merely staring at the barrier.

"Perhaps we shouldn't go through this one."

I nodded in agreement.