The Secrets of the Ice Queen


Everyone knows the story of the typical high school outcast. She is an unknown outsider hiding her true face from the world. He is a secretive often—troubled individual whose thoughts frequently dwell on the suicidal. She has the ability to shine brighter than any star. He can unleash a whole new world with a simple thought.

Everyone knows their story.

But do they know the other side of the coin?

Do they know what goes on in the lives of the popular queen-bee or the well known class clown or jock?

As the outsiders become accepted and even adored, the once favored—almost worshipped—king and queen fade further into oblivion. Until they are so far gone that their mere memories are whispers of what was.

What happens to these individuals, these once self-proclaimed royalties that the common people chose to worship or fear? Are they lost? Forever forgotten? Or are they remembered as the ones who paved the path for these outcasts to climb and forever rule?

If the outcasts become accepted, do the once-popular individuals who fought to prevent their ascension to fame become outcasts in turn? If those who were "different" become "the same" as everyone else, do those who were "the same" essentially become "different"?

If so, does the cycle repeat itself? Or do they become worse than outsiders? Do they become the forgotten: a fate worse than being rejected, for if you are not even remembered, you cannot exist?

What becomes of these people?

Why is their fate never questioned?

Why is their story never told?

Can the truth behind their lives be so earth-shattering, so life-altering, that the world may not be ready to accept their story?

Probably not.

This is our story.

Through the eyes of one individual: the complete contrary to the rejected outcast who cannot fit in.

I shall speak for all others and for only myself.

Will you relate to me? Not likely.

Like me? Probably not.

Long for my downfall? Possibly.

Understand me? That's the question.

My name is Sarina D'Aubigne .

A goddess.

A dictator.

A monarch.

A queen.

Here it begins: The Secrets of the Ice Queen.