Plight of Darkness.

What is this?
The hour of darkness has come.
The angels have left us for dead.

The shadows grow,
Our strength it does wane.
For the future is dark and one only sees dread.

But when shall we see,
A glimmer of light? A string of forgiveness,
In our darkened plight.

It sways and it twirls,
until all the earth is still.
For the creatures now unveiling,
Their unearthly chill.

I stand and I watch,
As the night shadows crawl.
I stare into the darkness,
With my back upon a wall.

Nowhere to run,
As a haunting gaze does meet me.
I no longer speak,
as their fangs do greet me.

I dare turn away,
Though unsure why I cannot.
I keep my gaze fixed,
as my cheeks growing hot.

I stare at those eyes,
moving closer to mine,
expecting the worst,
Only to find.

A face yet unbroken,
by the ravages of time.
I stare at this beauty,
as her eyes gaze into mine.

I feel a spell try to take me,
to lure me straight in.
But my mind is strong and able,
I fight the battle within.

She, noticing her failure,
Looking most pained.
Steps closer to see me,
little lost, all is gained.

I open my eyes,
As her teeth gently slip,
away from my throat,
upon which she had gripped.

My eyes, they are darkened,
But finally, I have sight.
To see a string of forgiveness,
In our darkened plight.