I'm letting you go for the first time

And I'm tired

I brought you through the hell of my heart

And the slavery of my soul

The torture of my touch

And the kill of my kiss

I tried to soothe your rage

With a soft song, and a gentle hold

And even with this, you seek to burn me

I can only hold the blunt end of the fire iron for so long

Before I drop you into the past, drop you into nothing

I need you to take one look into my eyes

To know why I'm still fighting

I tried to give you my heart

But when the blood pumping through

Turned into a fine ashen color

I tried to suffice and improvise

I tried to give you my voice

But when the only sound I could give

Was a coarse, fading sound of nothing

I tried to scrounge up remains

I tried to struggle to comfort

But when I see the effort I've worked for

I see you

Such a beautiful angel, such a girl who was perfect for the moment

I see you

So sickening. Disgusting. Worse…Disappointing.

As I hoist you up by your neck, I'm getting tired of you

I'm getting tired of this

You throw all my affections and my efforts back in my face

And it burns like acid, and it hurts.

Why do I try when you care more to live in the past

Than to accept me and plan our future

I'm struggling to keep myself from belittling you

Destroying you, reducing you to nothing, reducing you to the past

I'm struggling to keep myself from rotting you into the truth

Now as your lying, with tear soaked regrets

I wish I knew when you turned

I wish I knew when you burned

I wish I knew something, I wish I knew you

I'm scared. I'm starting to wish that

I never took the effort to try for you

To never take the effort to die for you

I'm starting to wish I never took the effort

To have ever met you