If It Wasn't For Him

Who is this him?

Hell, even I don't know for sure

And I'm the one writing about him

Again I use that title for this unknown person

But at least I know it's a him

It's always a him, right?

All girls blame their problems on guys right?

Isn't it like our code, just like the

'go to the bathroom in pairs to gossip' code?

There are some annoying 'hims' in my life

But it's the girls, yes, the girls that take the cake

They really know where to claw, after all

A guy may break up with you

Or not say hi when you see them in the halls

But is that really something worth blaming all your troubles on?

Maybe I'm not giving guys enough credit

Maybe they really do set out to ruin our lives

Just like those girls in 3rd period do

Maybe they affect us just as much as girls do

Except now they break our hearts

Instead of spread rumors and stab our backs

All I know is if it wasn't for him

My life would be a hell of a lot easier than it is now

That's my story, and I'm sticking with it