You promised that you will not go before I do.
You swore that you will be with me
Through sickness and pain.
But you took the first boat the next day
And went on a voyage.
I stood at the dork waving goodbye to you
And crying but you just stood there
With your back faced to me,
Looking at the sunset.
The golden wheat in the field are turning brown.

You promised that you will not leave me alone.
You swore that you will hold my hand
Wherever you went.
But you did not wake me up in the morning
And you just took your passport
And left on a journey.
You did not even leave a message to bid goodbye.
I simply stared at the window looking at
The red sky in the morning.
The green leaves on the trees are turning red.

You promised that you will stand by me.
You swore that you will never
Want to see me cry.
But the next day when you woke up,
I see no more sadness
Nor pain in your face
And I knew.
You were happy.

I open my phonebook and I flipped to your name.
I held the pen in my hand
And trembled to myself.
You promised!
You swore!
So why did you go
And leave me here to
Stare at stars alone?

I brought my hand to the paper.
To your name I placed the pen.
It was a huge decision to make.
I was a headless chicken at a crossroad about to be knocked down by
Four cars that came from four different directions.
I closed my eyes and
Uttered a silent prayer and
I brought my hands away and
I closed the phone book and
I put it back in the drawer.

Your name will never go from the book.
That is my promise to you.