The Squirrel

The nuts on the trees need to be
Plucked and stored away.
Sleep season is coming and
Should he wake up in the spring and
Find the cool breeze flowing through
His house and find no food…
No! His family would be angry.

The trees are tall and hard to climb
But he has to do it.
The storm is coming and should he
Not pick that singular nut
High up on the tree,
His family would starve tonight...
No! His family would be angry.

His cheeks are full with nuts.
'It is always good to store up'
He thinks to himself.
His family are out playing
But when they come back and
Find no nuts…
No! His family would be angry.

Slowly, he spat out nut after nut.
Slowly, he put the shells back on them,
Carefully arranging it to make it
Look untouched.
Should his family return and find out
The nuts have been eaten…
Screw it! The nuts are too good to be resisted.

And he gobbled them all up.