Imprisoned inside my own head

Locked inside with you.

How can I understand

Why you hurt me like you do?


Eight years old, that's all I am

And innocent I used to be.

Then one day you turned up

And you began to torture me.


You make me keep this secret

I've never said a word.

You said you'd kill me if I did

You made sure I heard.


After it's over I go and hide

I wonder why you do this.

I sit up in my bedroom

I close my eyes and clench my fists.


In the morning I hide the bruises

I try to cover the scars.

Then I walk alone to school

And dodge the speeding cars.


When I'm there I avoid the questions

I dodge the piercing stares.

I sit in the corner quietly

Pretending I don't care.


I hate coming home at night

I hope you'll go away.

But you're always sitting waiting

For the end of the day.


But toay the abuse will end

The last time I will cry.

Because today you'll go too far

Today's the day I'll die.