Lake County (Casperson Kid)


We watched the snow turn into lightning, hitting
the windshield.
I lied when I told you the car wouldn't start,
and we couldn't go anywhere.
I'm not one to sin, so I hate to say I thought
of killing you.
But no confession could mop that blood up, so I
guess I'd have to die, too.

And your friend Taylor isn't sad, he just likes to
cry, everyone agrees.
And all those blue-eyed Conors knew in their
hearts that love was meant for better beings.
But those are southern boys, so don't be
upset and let the suicides get you down.
It's better this way 'cause I can't bring myself
to drive the car out of town.

Anyway, the boys are still in their houses,
their attempts have failed, as of today.
But they're stoned all the time in their basements,
so I guess it's hard to say.
And that poor Casperson kid has to knock on
their doors every weekend afternoon.
So I'm not letting you leave, 'cause I know you'll find the stength
to go and visit sometime soon.