" Girls, the bus is here" Arial's dad called from down the spiral staircase.

Arial kissed her mom on the cheek as her mom put the finishing touches on Arial's hair.

" Don't forget you book bag Arial" Arial's mother exclaimed as she grabbed her daughters foot chest and headed downstairs.

" I'm not" Arial said with a giggle as she looked in the mirror. Her hair was short but it was curled. Her mother and her had spent the whole morning curling her hair. To Arial it was perfect. After a year of being practically strangers her mother had made the first step into bridging the shattered relationship. She grabbed her deep purple book bag and headed after her mother. The key chains and trinkets making a clinking noise and she bounce her way down the stairs.

" My, My what a gorgeous young lady, my love what would be her name." Her dad said as he planted a kiss on her head.

" Dad, you know my name." Arial exclaimed as she let out a giggle.

" well we will see you for Christmas chica, have fun at school and don't

Let your temper get ahead of you" Arial's dad said with a smile.

Arial smiled and nodded at her dad and headed down the sidewalk with her mom. She turned and waved at her dad who stood on the step. Arial glanced up at the bus in front of her as her mother helped the driver load her trunk into the bus. It was a deep red bus and it kind of reminded her of a greyhound bus she had seen when she had first moved to the United States. She climbed the steps and looked around the bus. There was only one other person on the bus with her she had ruddy dark brown curls and her face was hidden behind an rather large textbook.

Arial sighed and took a seat in the back of the bus. The seats were a dark gray with dark blue and scarlet stitches. Looking out the window she saw that her mother had joined her father on the step. Her mothers face was shaded by her curls but she could just barely make out the tears rolling down her face. Arial waved at her parents and sighed again. She had been looking forward to school, now she was as nervous as they come. She calmed herself and pulled out a book and a pen and began to write. With every word she wrote she felt the emotions of the bus driver and the girl in the front of the bus mix with her own and flow like a river out of her into the words. The emotions of the girls getting on the bus started to make her unsettled. She knew what school was like but this was different. Here they taught people like her to control the roaring powers surging through their bodies.

Every time the door open Arial felt the emotion build. Multiple times she had to breath in and imagine the emotions flowing out of her. This was one part of her power that she hated. It was torment for her to sit in a small room with people she didn't even know. Feeling their emotions mix with her own.

Just a couple of hours on this bus to go.

Arial closed the book and replaced them in her book bag. shaking her head she started out the window. She saw the trees pass the bus and the birds fly by. The sight started to calm her down. A couple minutes passed and Arial finally gave up her personal fight. She let her eyelids drift closed and the roaring emotions playing in her head quieted.

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