The following story has been rated T for language and sequences of intense sci-fi violence. Enjoy!

A Worlds of the SightSpirit Production

in association with Zelda Universe's Escapists' Haven:

Netros Melia

By SightSpirit a.k.a Morpheel Man


I don't know why. I doubt I'll ever know. Why did it have to happen? It swiped away nearly three quarters of Earth's population. The Great Infection. I want to know. I want to know! But there isn't anyone who can tell me. Everybody is as clueless as I am. It pisses me off.

My name? Heh. You mean you don't know it? Wow. I pity you. I am Netros Melia. That guy who saved everybody's butt during the War? Yeah. I'm him.

WHAT? You don't know what the War is?! …No, not World War I! That was almost two thousand years ago! It wasn't World War III, either, nor was it World War IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, or X. It was just…the War. That's all. A few people know it as Worlds War I. Not World War I! Worlds War I. It was an intergalactic war.

Anyway. The Great Infection. The deadliest plague in history. I was just an infant when the Infection was unleashed. I was a survivor, obviously. You aren't talking to a dead guy. Survivors get powers. Uh, huh. Powers. I got telekinesis. It was very scary. But I got used to it. My father received the gift of being able to fry people, and aliens, for that matter. My mother could freeze things; let's just say my parents were a perfect match.

You want what? An explanation? Oh, this is great. Fine. Watch this hologram. It has everything you need to know. If you dare…. It isn't very pretty. Really? Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you….

Author Notes: This story was originally going to be rated M (for strong language and frequent intense sci-fi violence), but I decided to stick with something a little less vulgar!

This story is based on my character on Zelda Universe's Escapists' Haven (their roleplaying forum area), whose name is quite obviously Netros Melia! BTW, speaking of Zelda Universe, the reason it says "by SightSpirit a.k.a. Morpheel Man" is because Morpheel Man is my user name on ZU.

A little twist in my usual style that I'm trying out with this story is the fact that there are two points of view. No, not told from two different characters. It is told in both first- and third-person (third-person limited, for those technical people) points of view! The prologue (this chapter) and the epilogue are the only chapters that are first-person. Everything else, because you are "looking at a hologram" for the actual story, is told in third-person.

This is a work of fiction. Similarities between real events and people and the events and characters in this story are either entirely coincidental or are used fictitiously.