It was the year 3742. The Great Infection was at large. On sidewalks, in streets, in parks, in houses, people everywhere were suddenly on their knees and literally vomiting up their hearts. Every one of them had felt fine until only two minutes earlier. That was how the Great Infection worked. The Infection's virus was a hidden virus and did not strike until precisely two hours later, down to the nanosecond.

Everybody lived in fear. Every man, woman, and child isolated themselves from each other, even his or her loved ones, out of fear that they were in the presence of an infected person. Some concerned parents locked their children up in a closet or wardrobe so they wouldn't have to see all the death and horror.

There was no cure. It was the bubonic plague all over again. Some even called the Great Infection the "bubonic plague of the thirty-eighth century." Some desperate people took the Space Elevator into space without a permit---permits were issued to people who know how to be safe in space---to escape and died due to lack of knowledge of space survival.

Children were not allowed in school. Adults were allowed to work only at home. Elderly men and women were killed because they were the most vulnerable and could spread the infection more easily. For the first time in history the species known as Homo sapiens was put on to the list of endangered animals.

People who bothered at all gave up counting the dead. There were too many.

Just when all seemed lost, the final victim took his last breath. And the Great Infection had ended its deadly reign. It had lasted for ten years. 3735 to 3745. Less than one tenth of the time the Hundred Years' War lasted and a death toll over one thousand times larger.

The year 3742 was the Great Infection's deadliest. It ravaged the world's population more in 3742 than any other year. Yet, some managed to survive that year. Even infants managed to evade the Infection's killer grasp. One such infant would grow up to become the one who destroys Earth's next threat.

It came to be, in the end, that only one measly fourth of the world's population survived. But something weird came with not dying during the Great Infection. All survivors got powers. Some were very strange. One man attained the ability to turn anything into a glass of apple cider. Others were more profound ones. Another man, thankfully one with positive intentions, had the ability to make people's hearts cease their beating.

And another got the ability to read others' minds and move anything with his own mind. Though not quite yet. He was only three when the Great Infection itself died. It was not until seven years later that he discovered his power.

The little boy's name was Netros. Netros Melia, to state his full name. He grew up outside of what was once a prosperous city known as Los Angeles. Now, his once beautiful town was dirty and still dotted with blood. Of course, there were people helping to clean up. But many people were still afraid to go out, let alone touch the blood of victims. And there were not enough people any more. The town used to house about five hundred residents. Now it held about one tenth of that.

Netros, because he hadn't been born before the Infection, was not aware of how different the world was. He thought everybody had "magie powies." Only the ones who had been alive for two hours or more during the Great Infection did. People born afterwards did not.

He lived a sheltered life as a child; he wasn't allowed to play outside for more than an hour at a time, he was not allowed to watch the new on hologram. It was a pretty miserable life for someone his age, but the Great Infected had embedded fear in all. Besides, Netros didn't care! He grew up that way and thought every kid had many restrictions. Many did have restrictions because of that fear. But not all.

One of the fearless citizens was named Check. Check was in the United States mini-army; many in the army had died from the Infection. He was a teenager at the time. Yet, he was already forming out plans to make his own army. Even though nobody needed an army anyway. Every country in the world was still recovering from the blow of the Infection, so they didn't have time to start wars.

Netros went to school at age five. He had the greatest of times throughout the next five school years. He made friends. One friend was Netros' neighbor from across the street. His name was Keith Majorin, but everyone just called him "Static." He had already discovered his power, which was control over electricity, hence the nickname. You could tell just by looking at his spiky yellow hair that he worked with electricity. He did that on purpose.

Netros was a star student. He thought life was the greatest thing to ever happen to him. Then he turned ten….

Author Notes: You can easily guess what is going to happen next if you put the ninth paragraph and the last sentence of the chapter together!

This is quite possibly the most graphic and gross passage I've ever written to date (Late November 2008)! Sorry if it gives you nightmares or you vomit soon!

This is the only chapter (to date) that I've ever written without any thoughts or actual dialogue! In every other chapter of stories I've written so far, there has always been at least one character's thought or dialogue!

This is a work of fiction. Similarities between real events and people and the events and characters in this story are either entirely coincidental or are used fictitiously.