Toward my bedroom, to the closet
I will run and hide
Shut the door, lock it behind me
I will stay inside

I have dreams of being immortal
Acclaimed by all the world with praise
Believed a saint by many millions
Written of in future days
I will never be a housewife
Children and home taking all my mind
I want to do something great for humanity
I want to be remembered for all future time

In my bedroom, in my closet
I will hide my light
Sleep my life inside the closet
I need anonymous night

Written 1987. I was 17, and just discovering a problem that would plague me my entire life. You know what sucks? When you're ambitious, and driven, and you want to be a leader, and you have great ideas for how to change the world... and you're also an introvert, suffer from depression and apathy whenever you get tired, hate being around crowds or strangers, and like to ignore everybody. Not a combination that works well together.