wakey, wakey, dear
it's time for you to grow up.

deep inside, you're an untouched tundra
land awaiting to be discovered
and you're closed;
a door that's locked
but i, i have the key.

i'm just running faster
locked inside a white walled shelter
trapped inside with my protectour
about to see the most common diagram,
it's his job to take good care of me...
but i can't trust that he knows best,
don't you dare tell me about the rest --
this irrational fear will not be faced.

surrendering to my tear ducts
i'm running faster from this open shelter,
turning down my protectour
i want my land unknown.
i can't feel sense of this reality,
can't shake the fear or gain sanity
this drives me to the edge,
but i can't give in...

eight cups of water swallowed in ten gulps,
it's the purest thing in here.
dental tools have less bacteria and
i have more trust with them.
rusty metal crawling into my mouth,
cracking roughly against bone --
oh, i'd rather.

"just shut up, suck it down.
swallow your pride, then lie down."
and my doors are still locked but
compromise conquers, he's done the deed
inside this tundra,
it holds vacancy.
i told him not to hold me,
but he insisted to touch...

just shut up, and swallow your pride.
and even if you know i lied,
i'll sleep fine tonight
even if you're not alright.

it feels like it's over
but he's still creeping closer.
even if i find my way out
the more escapes i discover,
the more connected the outlets become.
this white walled shelter
holds my protectour
i'm running faster,
i'm begging louder:
"never touch me again,
i'd rather be neglected!"

shh, and just hold on, dear.
you've gotten away now, but
you're growing older by appointment
time seperates you getting here
but you're still coming with age...

i'll be waiting for you,
and it's time you ought to grow up.