Summer was for remembering.

Summer is for sports.

For fishing.

For swimming laps to try (and fail) to impress neighbors.

For love, sometimes lost, sometimes not.

For playing baseball in your backyard with your dorky parents against your will, but thoroughly enjoying it.

Summer is for sneaking out after your parents go to sleep just to spy on your neighbors.

It is for sunbathing on floats.

It is for tortured will-I's, won't-I's, the agonized indecision over what to say.

It for hard decisions, questions, and dreams.

Summer is for hugs and kisses and secret wishes.

Summer is for laying on the sand, and digging your fingers through it to make moats for imaginary castles of ages far passed.

Summer is for friends.

For movies.

For sleepovers, and sleepless nights.

For boyfriends and break-ups that still cause you to cry when you think about them.

Summer is for finding someone special and learning to love them when you thought it wasn't possible to love again.

Summer is for live music that you can sing in your sleep.

It is for late nights that leave you sleeping to noon, only to do it again the next day.

Summer is for freedom and for fun that you will never forget.