Surfing Winds


All I could think of was trying not to hurt them. We have trouble actually "fitting" in. Aeolus and I were trying our best to hold off the hungry vampires that were about to eat us. This was a war I will never be able to forget.

Chapter 1: The Boring School Life

I couldn't imagine another long hour in a hot, sweaty classroom learning boring old history. I am Canace Ethers, a typical fifteen year old trying to fit in. I have big blue eyes and long reddish brownish hair. Actually, it goes all the way down to the back of my legs. i don't like to cut it. Joining me in my quest for fitting in is Aeolus. He is my twin brother and we are children of an ancient Greek family. but come on, who in their right minds would care about that? I guess that's why they trap us in school all day, to not care about others but only on studies. I stared out of the wide window watching the leaves surf on the winds. they swished and swayed like a person on a surf board. How nice would it be huh? I wanted to be out there, surfing. It was my past time hobby whenever I was bored but now I wished it were my job. I love to surf, ever since I was 6. My father taught it to us while he was still able to move around. I have to admit, I'm pretty good but not as great as my brother. We are pretty close for twins. We do almost everything together. It always annoys everybody around us but I don't mind, I love my brother. I would do anything for him.

"Dude, snap out of it. Class is over." That was the sweet sound of Aeolus. He had this amazing appeal to him that would just draw attention. He was amazing at everything, even talking!! The only thing that was different about us was a tone in our hair colour but that doesn't really matter. "Do you want to get to Attis's house or not, because I'll leave you, you know."

"Oh stop complaining," I knew his weakness, "You wouldn't dare be able to survive without me to cover your back every time you get scared!" Aeolus has only one weakness that I knew of, he gets scared easily. He tries to hide it with his macho act but when he gets scared, he starts to cry. Even his tough mojo wouldn't be able to handle the embarrassment. I always had to cover for him because I was always with him. We share a room and we like the same stuff."Just wait a minute will ya? I gotta grab my phone from Mr. Frisco."

"How can you get caught with a phone? I thought you were a fast texter?"

"Well I was but I got this really long one and I was trying to finish before I got into class but I failed. Guess who sent it to me?"

"Uh, Kacy Kemens the speed mouth?"

"Exactly. Boy can she talk!"

"Hurry up!! I'm hungry!!" he said grumpily. He gets very cranky if he doesn't eat. I got my phone back, its a little silver one, and packed my bag. Aeolus and I were in tenth grade and we had switched schools about five times. Yes, you can say we get into a lot of fights at school. If someone picks on Aeolus, I would punch them head on in the face, and if someone picked on me, Aeolus would punch them straight in the gut. As we headed out the doors of Wurthermore High School, we embraced the bouncy winds.

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