A/N: Okay. So this isn't my (Angie) style of writing, but my friend and I made a bet. She dared me to write a romantic cliche and get at least five reviews to win. So yeah, I don't really like cliches so I add as much humor as possible to this. Please enjoy, and help me win the bet! I pretty much did this story solo with help from my friends Monica and Daria. Thanks guys!


My name is May Winters. Yes, it is a very strange name. Usually, May would be the month in which you welcome Spring. But for some reason, my parents did not understand the logic of the ground hog and his shadow because my last name totally contradicts my first. Sure, I've been bullied a lot about it. Oh well. Those kids can go get a paper cut. Yes, that is the threat I usually use on people. That's my life for you.

In a nutshell, I'm seventeen years old. I have black, shoulder length hair, and eyes as black as coal. Unless the coal is burning, then I'm just saying my eyes are red….wait. You know what, never mind. I suck at descriptions. Moving on, I'm going onto my senior year of high school soon, and I live with my best friend Monica. This is the reason why I cannot get into the house right now.

This is also the reason why I'm sitting on the curb, getting soaked by the rain with a suitcase beside me.

This is why I am talking to myself right now.

And this is also the reason why I am now going to be James Cougar's slave…wait, what?

A/N: Yes, so I was just giving some info on our main character there…Yes, I gave weird names. Oh well. I was arguing with my conscience the entire time about this. Okay, so I'll stop blabbing and ask you to review!