He held her, cocooning her with his powerful body, shielding her as if she was a delicate figurine of glass when instead, he should have been shielding the world from her, a horrific beacon of human suffering and destruction. With blood smeared all over her beautiful face, she licked her lips provocatively, hungry for a taste. Lacerations, wounds and scars savaged her sinful, nude body and still, he cradled her as one would hold a precious child.

It was a sight to behold and one never thought possible. A married warrior celestial angel and a cursed soul in a feminine body spawned from Hell wrapped around each other in such an intimate embrace. Why was not the question at hand but how? How could the relationship forbidden since the dawn of time and perhaps, space, doomed from the very start make it through?

She never cried, never opened herself completely or allowed him to witness her in any vulnerable state but he understood and remained gentle, patient, never pushing or forcing her to reveal what she wanted to hide. Stroking her messy hair tangled with sweat, blood and grime, he hummed a soft lullaby as if to calm a frightened little child.

Many times, Envy and Wrath got the better of her and she caused mayhem and heartbreaking drama for both of them – like the time he told her he was to be betrothed to a maiden of the Fifth Circle of Heaven – but he couldn't blame her for she wasa hellion and the Seven Sins were almost irresistible to anything living, including the angels. After all, he was committing infidelity, which in turn linked to betrayal, dishonesty, and he was supposed to be a being of pureness.

Together, they immersed in lies. Decadent, bittersweet lies.

She never understood what it was that drew her toward him every time she found herself in a mess. She was an proud and evil being by nature, she should be above any need for petty comfort and tears yet she sought his prudence deliberately, welcomed his cool, soothing aura to cushion her insatiable rage and frenzy whenever things went downhill and she was on the brink of imploding. Stability and predictability simply did not exist in a demon's life and he was her lifeline, a solid rock, a save haven, always there, waiting on her, waiting for her, always missing but present, no matter what, for her to simply run with arms wide open, no questions asked.

He never questioned their union, their entwined destiny for it didn't make any sense and it was simply a wasted effort to dwell or lose sleep trying to figure out why there was a connection between them. The unlikely possibility only laughed in his face when he turned his back and closed his ancient eyes so he gave up. Even wise men knew when they were fighting a losing battle.

Love wasn't what they felt towards each other, or so she claimed, but it was a bizarre form of it, truth to be told. At least, love would be the closest word to describe what transited between the two individuals with nothing in common other than a racing heart whenever they shared oxygen...

Basking under the moonlight, they painted such a tragic picture but stunning nonetheless. Time itself seemed to stop as they cuddled, or rather, gripped each other desperately as if the universe would cease to exist should they let go.

Ultimately, he was a proud angel, caring, sensitive, kind. She, venomous and vindictive, the epitome of darkness seductively packaged in an alluring tidal wave of chaos. They said opposites attract but this wasn't a matter of opposites attracting, this was just fission of two beings, soul or soulless fighting the pull of magnetism that vibrated between them so strongly, it was almost visible, tangible. Demon and angel melded, completing one another, dark and light, Yin and Yang, hate and love, side by side, as one.

"I killed her." She whispered, feeling no remorse, guilt or any hint emotion. She felt the need to tell him, to see his reaction and every single time she did, it gave her a tiny thrill to see the hurt, disappointment and sadness gleaming from his pretty blue eyes whenever she confessed the results of her latest murder spree or homicidal urged gone wild.

"Why?" He asked, pressing his cheek against the top of her head. Yet he already knew the answer. It is always the one and the same. Nothing. Everything. Because. Just because.

She shrugged, laughing a laugh that was as hollow as her heart. The very sound mocked his sanity into shreds.

"I don't know." She revealed reluctantly, putting on a brilliant façade of brokenness that melted his heart, "I just… I don't know."

Silence enveloped them as she lingered in his arms, bathing in the tight security she felt whenever she is in his lap. It almost convinced her that they could stay forever this way and never have to worry about anything else again. She finally found 'peace' – a thing demons didn't believe in, a thing that didn't exist in her world. She accepted it for there was no other choice, and there, she inhaled softly, seemingly so inexplicably at serenity, so close to 'peace' or least doing a wonderful replicate impression of it.

"How many?" He voiced gently, interrupting her daydream.

"Seventeen." She replied, monotone, sniffling a little before burying her nose into the warm crevice of his strong shoulder. She continued before he could even speak. "Two were old, six were children and the rest, I don't remember. I just lost control."

Dropping lingering kisses upon his neck, she wondered why the screams and anguished eyes of her victims only prickled her conscience whenever he was near. Not even God's presence itself managed to play havoc on her lack of empathy like this man did.

It never bothered her, the screams, the pain, the mess. Only until he held her tightly in his arms did sorrow lace her soul. It doesn't exactly hurt her but it did unnerve her, a feeling that she didn't like the taste of – something foreign she wanted to spit out.

"Why?" He asked again, but they both knew it was fruitless and he didn't really require an answer.

She shook her head prettily as a tear slipped down her cold cheek.

Ironic, how he welcomed the very thing he fought against. Cruel and unpredictable was fate, a force even mightier than God, despite His denials, the angel thought as he treasured the very existence of the one with the will behind the shadows that he tried to protect from the world.

"You should go." She told him suddenly, shards of ice cutting from her words. Restlessness agitated her movements, causing her to squirm.

"Later." He pressed her to him closely, trying to drown himself in her touch, smell, memory.

"The war." Her muffled words reached his ears, "Armageddon, it is close by. I… You're going to fight in it aren't you?"

She shook uncontrollably, hating her weakness, hating the way he made her feel clingy, needy, powerless as she choked out the bitter words. Yet the very possibility, the slight chance that he could die, could be hurt, could fall, be injured, could perish in the upcoming war…

Even demons had fears, very well hidden but there, and she feared his death like nothing else, for death to an angel meant disappearance from the universe. Angels did not fall. Not anymore. God didn't want the underworld to gain any new recruits so now, angels were no longer punished anymore. They simply ceased to exist. And such was the unbearable fate at hand, the risk that could cost her only treasure.

"I have to." He sighed, knowing he couldn't promise her he would return back to her safely. He wanted to. He would've given his very wings to reassure the panic she was attempting to hide so vainly in her bright green eyed.

They couldn't be together, not even if one side won the war, but they were semi-content with the brief secret meetings they managed so well over the sacred centuries that was amounting to six.

"I love you." He kissed her one last time, savouring her with a quiet sense of urgency before forcing himself to relinquish the hold of her soft, pliant small body. Unfolding his majestic white wings and stretching them in flight preparation, he allowed himself one last precious glimpse.

"You're leaving me!" Absolute rage gripped her even though she was the one who reminded him he had to go, her brilliant suggestion that disrupted the harmony. An overwhelming tidal wave of potent jealousy transformed her as greens eyes flashed crimson and canines began to sprout past her beautiful lips.

"Pandora." He tried to still her growing distress, but she cut him off childishly,

"You're leaving me to go back to that whore of yours. Oh wait, I'm the whore considering you're married to that bitch!" Tears flowed down her cheeks, shameful tears as she had yet to master full control over her explosive emotions, especially in front of him. Typical. She cried never, not under torture delivered by Satan himself, yet she shed tears effortlessly just for what he can make her feel.

Helpless, he just stared for a moment before uttering softly," I love you and only you."

They both knew it to be so already but it didn't help ease the stinging pain that pierced their hearts each time they faced goodbye.

As his wings flapped against the wind current and he started lifting off, she collapsed onto her kneed and a traitorous moan escaped her.

"Tomorrow!" She spat bitterly, unable to keep the sound of her breaking pride from leaking through her voice.

"Always." He smiled sadly, heartbreak in his eyes before drifting skywards towards the rumbling clouds.

She sat there, alone, freezing, hurt, for how many hours even she herself couldn't recall. Finally, while, watching a new moon rise, she shivered, making up her mind. When the stars came out to laugh at her misery, she finally finished grieving.

"I hate you." She whispered into the night air and the nightlife around her echoed back their sentiments.

Frustration pouring from every inch of her skin, she swiped at her cheeks angrily and cast a cruel look towards the Heavens.

"Enough." She hissed, all traced of emotion gone. With a feral look in her eyes, she morphed into a mass of writhing shadows. Laughing cruelly to herself, she promised him, "Look at me, not her, or I'll make you sorry!"