I woke up beside him; Elliot's blue eyes shining, grazing over my uncovered body. I caught his gaze, suddenly self conscious. He leant over me and kissed my forehead as I bit my lip nervously. I shook underneath him, scared by his aggressive presence. He eyes bound locked onto mine.

"What's wrong?" his smooth voice questioned me

"N-nothing, I'm fine"

He leant down and kissed my neck, and began to suck roughly behind my ear and on the rest of my neck. I tried to shrug away from him, covering up my femininities

"Come on, baby"

He kissed me again, his hands searching my body. I felt a lump growing in the back of my throat; a quiet whimper escaped my lips. I wasn't into his passion, I was scared. He kissed my lips, parting them, exploring my mouth; i felt him groan into me. Things had obviously happened, but were they for the better? He broke off the kiss violently and grabbed my face.

"Why won't you kiss me, bitch?"

He ravaged my body; his eyes haunting me. I shivered under his crystal blue gaze. I whimpered under his heavy body. I was scared of this monster my lover had become. Where was his soft touch or loving words? One hand let go of my face and pulled back, only to strike me across my face. Tears rolled gently down my face.

"Elliot....Elliot, please, don't..."

His eyes quickly dulled into their calming green. His body thinned before me and he disappeared.