Try to hide the weakness

No one can see the pain

Fill my life with untold truths

Nobody ever really sees my face

You all think I'm so strong

That I handle things so well

Well deep inside I'm falling apart

Feel like I'm in hell

I'm not who you think I am

This world has hurt me bad

I cry myself to sleep at night

Can't feel anything but sad

I'm tired of all the lies

Of pretending I'm so strong

For once I want you to see me cry

Instead of just trying to belong

How I wish that I could trust

That you wouldn't make fun of me

I feel you all are my true friends

But there's a part of me you've yet to see

I'm hurting and crying and begging for help

But at the same time I turn help away

I'm tired of being in this living hell

I pray I'll be stronger one day

I pray that I'll find the courage to trust

To know that you'll all understand

I've been hurt before, and it's hard to bring up

I pray that you'll lend me a hand

Just to listen, and know, and finally see my pain

Maybe just maybe I could be me again.