I breathe thy weighted air;
Nothing is as sweet as revengeful love.
Oh but beautiful, please do not despair
For I, myself, do not know of what I have become.
But please, bear witness to the whispers of the night;
I pray that you shall soon know of what I speak.
And if the world or God should ever see it right
Then this secret, it is, I shall keep.
I could never harm such a pretty flower
Even though your gardens I will set aflame.
Daylight is no more at this midnight hour;
Soon you shall see I am forever changed.
You do not know of this of which I speak
And it is not you I blame,
Only the man who fell so steep
The moment I spoke your name.
For now, you shall live happily forever in his arms,
And I vow, the moment you think of me, I shall be gone.