Susie: These past few days had been surreal. The pain in my stomach was gone. Gone momentarily. That, I am certain. Chemo does not help. Yes, the tumour did shrink in size. In fact, it shrunk 3cm. Isn't that something to be proud of? I mean, chemo was successful! You have to celebrate. You have to go out to the pub, grab a mug of beer and down it. You have to eat a whole piece of coffee cake. You have to have a lot of fun with your friends. And most importantly, you have to go to the alley and puke everything out of your system. You don't choose to vomit. That gag reflex just kicks in. Oh, and to celebrate, you have to go home and comb your hair. The thing is, you have no more hair left. Yes, I have no hair. I am bald. Look at this would you? This is a bandana to cover my head. This stylish and slick bandana is used to hide my real self from the real world. I can't help it. Truth is harsh. And to think that this tumour was the cost of my happiness. This 2cm tumour was the cause of all my pain. TWO! I mean TWO CENTIMETRES! Why would such a small thing do such things to me? I hate the pain. I hate to be unable to stand up straight and walk because my stomach hurts like nobody's business. I hate this. And chemo doesn't work. The only thing it does it bring you more pain. I hate the pain. So, I walked to the doctor one day. Okay, I lied. I was wheeled to the chemo room that day. And I just got angry. I stood up, braced myself and walked towards the doctor. And I gave him a slap. I gave him one tight slap and walked out of the room. Okay, I lied again. I tried to walk out of the room. I fell because the pain was too overwhelming. Then, I lost consciousness. I don't know what happened or how long it took but when I regain consciousness, there was no more pain. These past few days had been surreal and the pain in my stomach was gone. I hate the pain. I'm glad I am here now. I'm glad I managed to give the doctor a slap because he deserved that. He deserved that tight slap on his face for he thought of the stupid idea; the stupid idea of sending me to chemo. I did the right thing. He should feel my pain. But I am glad I am here now. I mean, there is no pain here. I'm happy.