Farrell's Babe

lyrics/music: Rhonda Pisher (Kitten Children)

She was blonde
Copper skin
Melting blue eyes
Sexy, tall and thin
Everybody wanted her
Even Farrell wanted her
Somehow she became Farrell's girl

Farrell was
A brilliant wimp
Skinny, with glasses
Tiny little shrimp
Oh, nobody wanted him
Oh, nobody needed him
But somehow she became Farrell's girl

Everybody wanted her
And nobody wanted him
But somehow she became Farrell's girl

Term papers
Almost due
Farrell and his girl
Did their papers too
And she got an A
And then she went away
Ditched Farrell so fast
It would make your head spin

Everybody wanted her
And nobody wanted him
But it wasn't any secret
Why she became Farrell's girl

Throughout my childhood, I was both a fiction writer and a songwriter. But I was more interested in the fiction, to the point where instead of just writing songs, I first made up imaginary members of imaginary bands, and then they wrote my songs. I was 14 when Rhonda Pisher, Ramona Jenner and the Kitten Children composed their first album in my head.

The Kitten Children were a wholly fictional band consisting of Ramona Jenner, the goth/emo chick whose mother, a famous novelist, had tried to strongly discourage her interest in music; Rhonda Pisher, darkly cynical bitch who writes songs about horror flicks and humans treating each other badly; and two guys whose names I forget because they didn't write any songs and sweet Jesus, I made this crap up 24 years ago. :-)

So I credit Rhonda with this song, not because she actually exists or because I plagiarized her, but because I wrote this song to be a song that that particular character wrote. :-)