I made this poem in my English class cuz it was an assignment. Please understand that a pic came with this but sadly could not be posted.

A Wolf's Cry

Light my way

Become my guide

Never leave my sight.

I need help right now

For I have no one tonight.

I cry out to you

Hoping for a reply.

But you just stay there


Don't you hear me?

But even though you ignore me

You still help me on my travels.

Sometimes you melt to nothing

But you always come back.

You are my guardian

My ally

My companion.

I have no pack but you,

My friend.

I shall continue to call on you,

My comrade.

'Till the day I die

I will,

I promise,

I swear to believe in you.

For wolves like me have nothing

But you.

Hope you guys enjoyed it!