Here I am standing on the outside looking in. I'm not a big fan of being invisible to you guys but I guess I love you both so much I'll put up with it. But I'm not too worried. This isn't permanent, not like the other two. You guys can't last, won't last.

I can tell you why but I'm not a big fan of playing sides right now. I just like being her for you guys, a shoulder to cry on when you call me and tell me you guys broke up. That was aimed at both you. You're both so different I don't honestly seeing the relationship work.

I mean you, you're a total metalhead computer dork. You're really smart and sweet enough, you're totally sappy and way too touchy-feely.

And you? You're a soft punk with a love for video games. You too are smart and sweet but you hate physical contact and hate kissing.

I'm noticing a severe issue. Maybe you'll be better suited to being friends, best friends, but friends none the less. That is if you don't rip this apart during the whole relationship thing. And we're taking a class next quarter together! That's not going to be awkward at all…

What ever…it is what it is. Come to me for help, I'll tell you everything you need to know.

Yeah, I'll do that for you guys.

Just cause I love you so much.