D-Day, June 6, 1944

It was like waking from a dream, a perfect dream, and then just being placed right into Hell. I opened my eyes, and I was sitting in an armored boat, with salty sea water drenching us. I kind of jumped, fully realizing where I was. I looked at myself. I had an olive green military uniform on, with a stitched-in nametag that had my name stitched in thin black letters. On my head was a sturdy green helmet that matched the uniform. I didn't realize I was clutching a weapon until I felt blood ooze from my knuckles. It was a normal machine gun, the early sun glinting off its wet metal surface. I released my grip, my knuckles immediately beginning to ache. I heard a buzzing in my ear, and realized that someone on the boat was talking.

"Okay, so this is what's left of our Covert Liberation Force. Pretty cheap, now that we have some crap-trained, money-stealing street urchins on the force. We're about to land on Normandy Beach, on the coast of France." The man held a cigarette between his lips, taking a drag from it every few second. "I can tell some of you whiney-faced punks are recruits, so I'll give you weaklings the low-down. I'm Corporal Ethan Wallace, and I'm sure that none of you lanky shrimps will make it past this day." Smoke billowed from his lips as Ethan continued talking. "This is World War 2, if you didn't know! Biggest war of the century. Those German scum are taking over Europe, and Big Bad U.S.A. is gonna come in to save Europe's ass and kill those Nazi sons of a bitches. If any of you guys are alive after this, which I doubt, we're gonna regroup on that hill over there," Ethan pointed to a rocky, dead looking hill that had an anti air gun mounted on it. "And we're gonna liberate the rest of Europe." Bullets began to whiz through the air, splashing in the water, hitting the armored boats and even hitting unfortunate soldiers. Ethan ducked lower, clutching his helmet. "God dammit! How are they seeing us?"

I ignored Ethan, and looked around at the other soldiers in the Force. One of them looked up at me. He had a rugged, patchy face of a veteran fighter, and the scars to prove it. He held out his hand.

"James Montgomery," I shook his hand. His grip was strong. "I'm from a British platoon that got massacred. I was the only survivor. Pretty cliché, huh?" James laughed. I joined in, but my laugh sounded more nervous than happy.

"Seth," I said. "Seth Waketon. Pleasure to meet you." James grunted, and then fell back onto the side of the boat. I looked around some more, observing the soldiers in our small squad. One kid, barely 18, was sitting and praying, a bronze cross intertwined in his fingers. His lips were moving, but his voice was inaudible. His eyes were rimmed red. Crying about defending your country?

"That's Eric Simpson. We had captured him, but he said he never wanted to be a Nazi, and was forced into it, so we let him join the force. He wasn't trained well, but he gave us secret info about the Nazis," James said. "He doesn't speak English, only German." I now noticed the crystal blue eyes and the blond hair, the traits you must have to be a Nazi. Eric glared at me, eyes hidden under his helmet. We held contact for seconds, like just looking at each other would tell our life stories. His gaze broke, and his eyes returned to where they originally were: looking at the bottom of the boat. My eyes wandered to two men, about 20, sitting side by side. They looked like perfect twins. Their hazel eyes and chocolate hair matched, even their facial complexion looked the same.

"Those two are the Smith Twins. Carter's on the left and Jack's on the right. They are really good fighters. If you get one, you get the whole package, and that's what we got when we snatched up these two." Carter looked up at me, and smiled. I smiled back. Jack stared out at the open sea, and the numerous transporting boats in the water, splashing and swerving around.

"Seth Waketon," I said aloud, so everyone else could here me. Ethan looked at me. "We don't care who you are. You'll probably die before your feet touch land!" I wanted to get up, and punch him in the face, but I didn't. Before I could think anything else to do, a loud blast echoed through the water, and towers of water rose up, followed by fire and screams. The boat began to rock viciously, bullets starting to damage the boat, making pin-point holes in the metal. Water splashed down on us after each shot from a mortar collided somewhere from the sea or another boat. Each column of water drenched us in the icy sea water. There were more bangs and bullets and splashes, and louder screams as we approached the beach. I peered over the edge of the boat, surveying the battlefield. The water was stained a dark crimson, with metal debris from boats floating. Dead bodies started to float by, some with lost limbs and charred faces, others with large bullet holes in them. Ethan started to talk, so I turned my attention to him. He began to shout over the bullets and the screams and the explosions.

"Okay soldiers, this is it. Kick those Nazi's asses, and die proud. If any of you morons survive, regroup-" Ethan was cut off. A mortar shell hit the boat, blowing it out of the water and into the air. We all screamed as the boat collided with another boat. I tried to grab onto something, but my fingers slipped. I started a mad free-fall, tumbling through the bullet-filled air. I heard a scream, and saw that James had lost his handhold, falling into the bloody sea below. I couldn't see the boat now, only watch helplessly as I flew faster towards the bloody sand.

I thought I was dead. The silence, the darkness, the rata-tat-tat of guns all around me, it made me feel like I was slipping away from life. But unfortunately for me, I was not dead; I was still stuck in this hell of a war. My eyes opened, and all I saw was death; death in the air, death on the ground and in the water. I was being dragged back into the sea, but by whom? I raised my head, and saw James dragging me behind a barrier in the sea.

"What- Seth?" James looked at me as I stood up. "I thought you had died!" He hugged me quickly, glad that someone was with him. We kneeled in the icy water.

"Where's everyone else?" I asked. James looked away.

"I don't know..." He sighed. He pointed to a broken boat, flames eating away at its metal surface. "That's what we were in 5 minutes ago." I gasped. Behind James was a Nazi, taking aim at his back. I shoved James into the water, and rolled out of his aim, and squeezed the trigger of my machine gun. Bullet holes began to erupt all over his chest, blood seeping out of them. The man fell to the ground in a bloody heap. James stood up.

"Nice save." I nodded. The body floated out into open water, leaving a trail of blood. I suddenly felt a piercing pain. I looked at my shoulder. The sleeve was wet and stained dark.

"Oh crap." I said. The bullet had shot clean through my shoulder, so no bullet to dig for later on. I was looking around the small garrison of troops hiding behind the metal barriers that dotted the sea line. I noticed some familiar faces.

"Follow me!" I motioned to James, pointing at the group of soldiers huddled behind a floating boat. We sprinted through water, which was very hard when you had a bleeding shoulder with saltwater splashing into it. Navigating was also difficult, as we did our best to avoid floating body parts and stray bullets.

"James? Seth? You guys made it!" It was Carter who shouted out our names, and the three surviving members of our squad looked up to see us two return. No time for a happy reunion, I thought to myself.

Where's the Corporal?" I said. Eric looked at me. His eyes held everything "He's dead," the crystal blue eyes spoke to me. I hoped that wasn't a hallucination because of my blood loss. I looked over to James. He seemed confident enough to be the leader.

"You have the floor," I said, bowing. He nodded, smiling at me.

"Okay, men. I'm going to take charge, and lead us to that hill. For all we know, Corporal Wallace could be there, waiting for us, or he could be dead somewhere with his head blown off." My skin crawled at the idea. "But we still have to get there, even if that means all of us dying." James paused, taking a breath. "Okay Covert Liberation Force, You ready?" Everyone nodded, a determined grin painted on all of their faces. Determination was my goal now. Determined to fight to the death. "Let's go!" A vicious war-cry erupted from James's lips, and the others soon began to scream also. My war-cry melted in with the others in perfect unison. We emerged into the open, trudging through bloody water and floating appendages. We were feeling indestructible as we went trigger-happy on whatever Nazi crossed our path. Blood rained everywhere, from the dead bodies of soldiers and the wounds inflicted on us. We felt no pain as we charged up the beach, hitting, killing, stomping on any unfortunate enemy trying to kill us. All around me, the shots of a mounted machine gun rained down on my tiny group.

Eric went first, taking shots in the chest. He fell without a sound; his eyes still open in shock. His body fell in a heap, his helmet rolling in the sand, his gun making an imprint in the blood-red grains. I looked back, watching his body becoming enshrouded by more falling bodies. Tears formed on my eyes, but I blinked them away, their microscopic droplets spraying my lashes.

Jack fell next, like Eric, but his eyes were open in shock, his mouth gaping. A perfectly rounded hole was imprinted on his forehead, spewing a crimson geyser. Carter tried to yelp, but nothing came out of his mouth. A mine exploded from under Carter's feet, and I saw his head fly out into the sea. He looked unrecognizable, and I gagged.

I looked over at James, who was still alive with me. We still were charging up the hill. I could see streams of blood coming from his nose, mouth and scratches on his face. He smiled a valorous, rage-filled smile. As I looked into his face, fire and smoke clouded my vision. I was looking through a veil of fire. I could hear a blood-curdling scream. James, i thought. I saw his body outline through the flames. Sweat began pouring down my face, faster than before, when we landed.

"James!!" I shouted. A Nazi jumped towards me. I pulled out my knife, and the blade connected with his neck. Blood spurted onto my arm and face, and the lifeless Nazi fell into the sand, blood pooling around his head.

"Seth! Go! Don't save me," He yelped as flames licked over his head. "I won't live. Go and die with valor. Die for our country! Go!" Another blast erupted, and James roared in pain, agony and despair as the fire and machine gun fire ripped him and destroyed him.

Tears began to stream from my eyes. I can't control them. My friends, my war pals that I barely knew, my squad, dead. Bullets began to stream in my direction, popping up sand. I aimed my machine gun at the larger one on the hill, ripped out a vicious war cry, then sprinted up the hill. Bullets zoomed past me as I squeezed the trigger. I could hear the bullets ricochet off the metal sides. Pain started to erupt in every inch of my body as bullets aimed at my direction pierced through my arms and legs. My legs began to tire, but I soon made it to the hill. I heard a bullet pierce through the metal, the trickling of a liquid, and smell of gasoline, then flames. The mounted machine gun exploded, sending bits of flaming metal into my view. The metal cut through my arm sleeve, scarring my skin and singing the inside of my arm. The explosion sent me flying back. My body ricocheted off the sand, my back burning in pain. I stopped, my body resting near a pile of bodies. I gripped the sand, my whole body vigorously shaking from pain. I saw a group of Nazi soldiers running towards me, screaming in German and pointing rifles and machine guns at me. I coughed, blood dripping from my lips. My blind hands found two pistols, and put each one in my hand. I aimed, and began to fire, but they were the first to draw. Loud bangs erupted from their guns, their bullets piercing crucial points in my body. I screamed out in agony, gripping where I was shot, blood gliding over my hands.

I fell onto the sand, my whole body feeling paralyzed. The blood began to flow from my new wounds, staining the white grains of sand with a dark crimson. The dark, icy grips of death began to close in on me as a red veil began to envelope my vision. I felt no pain as the Nazi troops began to beat me with their guns. Blackness soon covered the red, the voices of the Germans seeming distant and lost. As my vision slipped into nothing, the blackness that enveloped me soon exploded into white. James and Eric and Carter and Jack were there after the stark explosion. They were unharmed; no bloody faces or butchered appendages. Before I even knew what was going on, the whiteness became bright, and I escaped into Oblivion.