The Kiss 2

He laughed when I first told him I've never been kissed.

It was funny how shocked he was that morning, exclaiming that I was such a liar to claim I've never had a smooch my entire boring life. Flinging my bag away from my shoulders I answered his disbelieving pair of eyes that scream a mortifying accusation of his very honest friend being a liar with a sultry laugh and reaffirmed the truth with a nod. Somehow exasperated and shocked in disbelief by my piece of reality, he slumped down on one of the swivel chairs and mumbled to himself, his coffee left to freeze.

"You should be in a museum," he said seriously saying that like an extinct animal I should be and must be protected by the government as the last of my kind.

Then he spurted and asked if I was a virgin. It was my time to be shocked and be speechless while he grinned at me like a little boy, incredibly adorable you'd want to drown him in a bucket of puke.

"Weren't you listening when I told you I've never been kissed?" I gawked at him with matching are-you-stupid-if-not-insane glare.

"Well, there are some people like that you know." He shrugged. "They do 'it' but won't kiss. Like a kiss is far more sacred than sex. For true love or something like that." I wasn't so sure on what to say. Definitely he had a point but still....

"So, where do you group me as then?" It was a curious question.

"Hard question, my dear." For a moment he acted as if he was deep in thought.

"I guess you're right." I sighed solemnly. He jumped up off the chair and looked at me disapprovingly. "What?" I eyed him.

"Don't even make a joke like that." He said sternly.

"Was I even joking?"

"You're my sweet girl." He mumbled almost incoherently that I had to lean in forward. He stepped back like a reflex.

"What was that for?" With a brow cocked high, I said acting a little hurt.

"I'd say you want to keep your rarity as the last of your kind." He said in a whisper.

"Really?" I smirked at him. "What if I want to be part of the crowd. Band wagon is the trend you know. Why think when you don't have to."

"Shut up!" It was funny how he gritted his teeth, apparent annoyance was cowering his face..

"What the hell!? Why are you so uppity?" I joked when the crease in his forehead seemed to be getting more serious towards me.

He was silent for a second and averted his eyes away from me. He looked funny and weirdly different.

"Hey are you mad?" I asked a little bit worried. "Hey, I was only joking." He was still a couple of steps away from me and was finding the dirty counter top more amusing than anything else.

I walked closer to him. He had his head bowed down a bit, to meet his eyes I took a dip and looked at him from below.

Did you know that a face would look totally new-fangled when viewed from below? The eyelashes looked longer, the nose more prominent, the lips plumper and more inviting, cheekbones flushed, and the eyes... how to describe those eyes? Confused at the first look, then a mischievous glint, and then ends with a flash of something I wasn't able to or was afraid to name.

In a swift movement I was pushed down the swivel chair. Big and comfy that just hugged my whole body. "W-what the freak are you doing?" I asked half-nerved and half good-natured still.

"I've got an answer now." He peered at me with a growing grin on his lips. It was a tingly feeling, like butterflies were freaking out where the belly and the groin meet.

"What answer? I didn't ask you anything." I spat out. "Well, I did ask you if you're okay and it seems like you're fine."

"You asked me to which group you belong with." Oh that! I mouthed voicelessly.

He nodded.

"I think you go with the first kiss true love, no sex until marriage." His grin was completely plastered now on his face, looking confident that he had me on the dot.

I had to smile that broke out with a silly grin matching his face.

"How sure are you?" I was really just teasing, I never thought or imagined anything when I moved forward in a challenged glower towards him.

"Very sure, I'm willing to bet my life on it." He said. I licked my lower lip unconsciously.

Our face were dangerously close, too close for essential sanity to remain focused.

He inched closer. "I bet big bucks on it."

My hand slipped from the arms of the chair as his hands slid further to the back of it, leaning nearer, like a pitcher he tipped closer ready to pour out all over me.

My mind was racing in my head. The butterflies were wrecking havoc. My heart, my heart was still.

"Are you seducing me?" I asked jokingly hoping against hope that I can cut the growing tension away.

"Only if you are." He said in a throaty voice that was so foreign in my ears that it made me shudder.


Blame hormones when I bit my lower lip, blame weather when I shivered, blame the heavens when I met his face-- half-way.

Blame his eyes that reflects my face so clearly I can see myself, beautiful and precious. Blame his breath so sweet that nulls my senses to think, blame his lips so addictive I prayed to never let go.

Hitching in the band wagon never felt so right in my entire life. It's as they say, it's not the destination, it's the journey plus who you're with that matters.

I think I will enjoy the ride.