Sleeping world

"Mummy! Mummy! Why is it so cold?!" the small girl asked shivering heavily pressing herself even more against her mothers chest. Her eyes slowly losing that brilliant sparkle they once had possessed but not losing the hope which ignited the fire behind them.

"Ssshh... This is a place we do not belong to any more. We should have been gone a long time ago and this is how it will be soon..." her mother sighed forcing herself to look up from her precious daughter to look at the scenery in front of them. Snowflake after snowflake gently kissed the grounds surface, easily piling up with their friends shaping the world anew.

"But our house was beneath us! How can we not belong to our home any more!" the small girl inquired a little confused and angered: "I want to play in our garden again. I want to chase those butterflies again and I want to pick flowers for you again! Mummy...." her last words pleaded painfully in her mothers ears.

"Ssshh my love... Enjoy the beauty of this world as long as you can." she moved her daughter a little so she could view the white sparkling desert in from of them. They were leaning against a once tall tower but today only its tip was spending a few meters of shelter: "I am afraid that there will not be a summer for us. The world decided on its fate taking all those beautiful butterflies into a crystalline grave. It chose the most beautiful end, covering herself with cold diamonds saving everything that once was for eternity."

Pressing her daughter a little more to her own body she inhaled her innocent scent once more before joining her daughter in her cold stare down the icy brilliant forest of snowflakes which happily danced around the sad dying love.

"That world once was ours but now we are the worlds." she whispered at last.