I have a fucking headache. I know what you're thinking, who gives a shit? But yuou should because I have a huge fricken eadache. Its one of those ones which pounds at you skull and makes you feel like you're on fire when really you're trying to do the dishes.

And the fuckiing pain medication, like that shit ever works. "Take 2 tablets every 4-6 hours" yeah right, to get it working you need at least one more tablet and half the time. Fucking pharmacy's.

It won't go away, and again, I know what you're thinking. If I go to sleep , it'll go away. But it won't, it hurts too damn much to ever leave. And at the rate I'm going theres no way in hell that I'll ever get to sleep because of the pain. Did you hear me paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain!

It sucks, so what if its three in the morning, the headache is not from lack of exams. Oh god, I meant sleep damnit! Although the sleep deprivation is from exams, fucking exams. They just are the teachers excuse to torture you for an entire year, and when you sleep through a class you end up cramming til five in the morning before getting three hours sleep and going to your 9 am exam. Fucking biology, worst one of the lot. Hate the class, hate the exam, hate the techer, hate the students. Well most of the students. There is one who isn't a complete fucktard.

His name is Dryfronzakl but everyoone calls him Zak, except me of course, why wpuld I call him something so common when I could call him by his ultra awesome name? I dunno. Stupid really how people get called only part of their name. I hate it when people do that to me. After all my name isn't that hard to pronounce. It's Tadram like ta from take and dram like drum. Tadrum. Simple right. Not according to the fuckers I know. Even Dryfronzakl seems to call me Tad, like the welsh word for dad. Something I don't appreciate I can tell you. How would you like it if the only person you like called you their father? You wouldn't. Pure and simple. Simple and clean. I love Utada Hikaru.

Anyway back on track. What I really intended to tell you was how I got my man. Oh yes, I do mean Dryfronzakl. And yes this is in the first person, so it's weird but meh. Whatevs. It took a long time and some kinks (not the fun ones) but I got him.

Now it all started when someone told Dryfronzakl somethinbg that I certainly didn't want flying around school. And it's not that I'm gay, everyone knows that. This secret isi far more deliciously dirrty.