The red death is coming

Coming not for you

The red death, I see it

It will be here soon

Haku walked through the decrepit corridor, blue tapestries and a stained oak table were the only decor. He thought back to the years when he would play here, eagerly awaiting his father to return, always with his suitcase and muddy boots. He could hear his mother's footsteps as she ran to greet her husband, apron still covered in flour from making his favorite pastry. But no more did they live there, nor did his mother live at all, and forever now Haku was alone.

His father disappeared soon after his mother, neither to ever again return. And in his breast pocket he kept the only remnant of their existence. Their forgotten souls still wondered, looking for eternal rest. The picture held their image, their lives before death. And in their bed so did lie, the cat that used to breathe, but no longer moving its bones made not even a squeak.

The red death had claimed them, or so the stories said. His muddy boots were gone. And she was surely dead. Her lifeless form was never found, not even a skinny finger, and in no way did Haku know the realness of that danger.

_____ _____


New story! so this will be about 7 chapters-ish. it was originally for school. we had to imitate Edgar Allen Poe's style in either a poem of story, but my poem wasn't long enough so i turned it into a stroy and borrowed some of his ideas. u preobally know the raven as his most famous, and for any familiar with his other works, i also added the 7 rooms from the story masque of the red death in the same order of colors and symbolance of the deadly sins. lol, only reason i know them is from full metal alchemist.
anyway, i hope u enjoy this, i'll have the rest posted as soon as i type it or have someone type it for me. Please review! all feedback is more than welcome.
and i kinda need to get it done anyway so i can turn it in. it was due last week. lol.