And with it is the raven

The raven not of doom

Devil upon your shoulder

Tis' shall die before noon

The interior of the gothic architecture creaked as Haku entered in the hall with purple curtains. The plum of the fabric was still vibrant despite years of dust resembling blood dripping and covering the floors. He gently touched them, crushed velvet soft against his skin. Ever so suddenly a black bird fluttered out, a raven, a single black feather in contrast to the purple of the tapestries floated there, frozen in time, then fell to the floor. The bird itself perched on the window, and looked down at the young man. Haku stared at it, its piercing eyes reading his every thought, knowing his every possible action.

"Devil", thought Haku, "or prophet untrue, it's a raven!" He stumbled backwards, in awe of the creature. "Go away!" He screamed frantically, memerance of the feathered beast flooding his mind, driving his mother mad.

"Muddy boots won't save you." creaked the black beast.

"Muddy beasts won't save me." Haku repeated before he passed out.

_____ _____

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