far from home/hope.
when all was lost i remember
crawling into your
like a lost puppy.
cuddling. feeling your warmth
tackle the hurt and agony
taking over my world.

your breath in the night
hunting down silence like
a born enemy. (youwere
oncemyenemy) -shiftsposition-

i remember it well.

my thought traces back to you
crawling up my skin just to get
me to laughlaughlaugh. you were
such a tease.

played your game and turned over
on you, facing you. close enough to
count the colors in your eyes. iloved

lips played mind games while your
hands were making their way up
my back. now embracing me fully.

back my hair, we entangled ourselves
into a messy situation on the floor.
you were never one for letting go
but in the night you escaped me-

i needed a saviour like you.