Something You Can't Hold Back: REMIX

Chapter 1: One of the Boys

Awaken by the stop of the limo, I slowly open my eyes to see an old, elegant building. I smile, taking in the pure beauty of the gothic architecture; to think that this stunning castle-like building is now my school, my home, is astonishing. It's so much different than anything that was in Georgia.

Change is good. I need change. Change is good, very good.

The driver, a nice old man by the name of Mr. Carry, came to the door, allowing me to exit. I smile hesitantly towards him unintentionally, too pre-occupied with worries. This was the first time I've ever moved. I've never been new before… I've lived in Georgia my whole life. And here I am, in London to go to a new school… in a completely different country.

I'm too overwhelmed to even think straight. My nerves are running on overdrive. I need to go on a run or something.

I twirl my long hair self-consciously as I watch the driver take my luggage from the trunk. With my smallest bag in hand, I begin to walk up the stone stairs, focusing on not falling down them. Falling downstairs is a habit of mine, especially when I'm nervous. And what a first impression that would make.

I stop for a second on the top stair, looking up at the bold lettering above the arched doorways.

Wilmington Academy.

For boys, I mentally tag on trying to ignore the sick feeling in my stomach. How am I going to survive in an all-boys boarding school? This year is going to be quite interesting to say the least.

"Miss Madison." The driver clears his throat from behind, taking me from my thoughts.

"Oh, I'm sorry sir." I manage to smile as brightly as I can. "I got a little distracted."

"Don't worry, miss." Mr. Carry smiles at me. I internally laugh at his thick British accent. That is certainly something I'll have to get used to. Although, I'm sure my accent is going to be amusing to others as well.

The driver opens the door for me as I walk into the marble foyer in awe. The inside was even more beautiful and luxurious than the outside. This is utterly unreal. I must be in a dream, one that's wonderful and terrifying at once.

"This way, miss."

I follow Mr. Carry as he leads me towards the administration hallway on the right side of the foyer. We reach the large office at the end and he eagerly ushers me in.

"Mrs. Madison, Miss Madison has arrived." The driver announces with amusement, opening the door widely to reveal a lovely, elderly woman. A woman I know very, very well.

She smiles broadly at me, her blue eyes sparkling. I can't help but smile back.

"Thank you, Mr. Carry." The woman says in a cheerful tone with a slight British accent. "I hope you have a lovely day." She hands him money as a tip, which he took gratefully.

"You too, ma'am." He nods before exiting the office as the woman walks up to me. I can feel her eyes studying me, noticing how much I have grown up.

She takes me into a comforting embrace, "I've missed you, darling." I can feel her hands stroking my hair and rubbing my back lovingly. I try and hold back hot tears threatening to fall. There is just too much emotion in me.

"I've missed you too, Gram." I smile, taking in the familiar scent of roses, one of the fondest memories of my grandmother. I haven't seen her since she moved to London to take this job; Headmistress of Wilmington Academy, one of the most prestigious school's in England. That was ten years ago; I was six the last time I saw her.

"You're even prettier than I remember; a splitting image of your mother." She smiles sadly at me as I nod, urging myself not to cry.

"Take a seat, darling." She ushers, sensing my distress. I gladly take her offer, trying not to pay attention to the many pictures of my family around the room, which would surely bring back many memories.

"Now Tyler," She begins with a tone of strictness in her sweet voice. I shake my head, motioning for her to continue. "You do know this is an all boys' school, correct?"

I let out a slight laugh. "Yes, Gram."

"Well, for one, you better behave. It took a lot of convincing to allow you to come here."

"I promise I'll be good. I would hate to put you in a bad situation, you know that."

I clasp my hands together, ready for her to continue her 'lecture'. "I thought about putting you in your own room, but since we have such a full registration, it would have to be a spare room on this floor of the building, which would mean that you would be very far away from your school-mates. As much as I would prefer this for you, I decided that it would take away from the social experience. So, you indeed will be sharing a room with a young man."

A gasp escapes my lips from shock at my grandmother's decision. I'm sharing a room with a boy! I hope he's good-looking… that would be nice. And preferably not a hormonal asshole like most teenage boys. Oh my god, what if he's like messy and gross…

"Don't get any ideas, Tyler." She gives me a stern look before continuing. "Also, I took a look at your transcript, and I must say your grades are very impressive. I think you'll do well in our courses here." I smile at the hint of affection in her voice, happy that she is proud of me.

"And, I'm trying to talk Coach Harlow into allowing you to try-out for the football team."

"Football?" I ask, confused.

"Soccer I should say." She laughs. "I know back in the States, you were very good at it."

I shrug nonchalantly. I was good, but I also played with girls. Playing with boys is a whole other sport. "I guess."

"How modest of you, your father always bragged about your athletic skills."

I wince slightly at the mention of my father, tugging at my flowery pink sundress absentmindedly.

"I'm so sorry, Tyler Anne."

"It's okay."

She lets out a deep breath, trying to look for the right words. "I'm glad you're okay."

Physically, yes, I'm okay. But I don't think I'm really okay.

I decide to avoid the subject. "Is there anything else I need to know, Gram?"

She gives me a worried look while shuffling through papers on her desk. "Here is your room assignment, and some of the rules, it's a standard for us to give these out. It's not that I don't trust you. Classes start in a week, next Monday to be precise, and there is a welcoming assembly tonight. Registration is tomorrow… I think I've covered the basics."

I take the papers, my hand shaking. "I think I can manage." I grin timidly, trying to put on a calm façade.

"Now, I must warn you. Watch out for some of these boys, especially since you're as pretty as you are. I don't want any wankers messing with my granddaughter." She laughs lightheartedly.

"I'll keep an eye out." I try to stifle a giggle. Wankers.

"Good, good. Now the elevators are out in the foyer, and you should ask your roommate to take you on a tour of the school later. I hope he's a nice young man."

"You and I both, Gram. By the way, it's an absolutely beautiful school."

"Thank you." She says proudly. "I'll be sure to catch up with you later, darling, but I have a very important administration meeting to go to before the students arrive."

"Understandable." I reason, getting up to give her a hug goodbye. "It was good seeing you. I hope to see you soon." I blow her a kiss before exiting the office. I grab my two suitcases and handbag and begin my slow journey towards my dorm; my new home.


Finally! Oh, there is a god!

I stop excitedly, dropping my heavy bags in front of the door of 642, my room. I take a deep breath, both exhausted and nervous, and open the door with aching arms.

The room is much nicer than I expected. It's open and spacious and visually appealing. Two twin beds with navy comforters are placed in far of the room, a dresser in between. There are desks at the ends of the beds, with plush navy desk chairs. Two large closets are on either side of the bathroom door. Above the beds, there are large windows that allow a pretty view into the courtyard. The open space by the doorway is occupied by a navy couch with a large television across from it.

In the bathroom, there is a large shower that thankfully has frosted glass. The sinks and floor are a white marble color, as well as the toilet. A mirror is above each sink with small glass shelves below it.

I smile, looking at the room in approval and letting out a girlish squeal. I pick the bed that lies against the wall, furthest from the door, and begin to unpack.

I busily unpack until I hear a low whistle from behind me. I turn around instantly, puzzled, and come face-to-face with a very handsome boy. My roommate, I presume.

I study him discreetly, although I can tell he is doing the same to me. He's tall, probably around six foot two, and has a very nice, muscular build fitted in a green polo and plaid shorts. His shaggy brown hair falls boyishly in his face under a backwards white baseball cap.

"So…" he begins, in an attractive British accent, which only adds to his appeal. "Are you my roommate's girlfriend?" He asks, deep brown eyes glinting. "Because if you are… damn."

Oh, this boy is going to be trouble. I can see it coming.

He gives me a crooked grin, as I let out a soft chuckle. "No."

"Well, are you his sister?"


He rubs his neck awkwardly, trying to think who I can possibly be. "A friend?"

I cock my head at the boy, entirely amused. "No."

"Then who are you and why are you in my room?" He demands, slightly frustrated.

"Actually, it's my room too. I'm your roommate."

His jaw drops as I try not to laugh at his shocked reaction.

"It's an all boys' school though." He reasons, his voice rising a bit with irritation and surprise. "And you are definitely not a boy."

"Well, yeah, but I go here now. So I guess it isn't so much anymore. Besides, it's only one girl."

He lets out a grunt, shoving his hands in his pockets. "Right, sure." It's obvious he is still very confused about the situation. I can't say I blame him though.

I waltz over to him, holding out my hand. "I'm Tyler Madison."

He returns my smile and takes my hand. "Trenton Parker. Call me Trent, though." I try to ignore how nice his large, calloused hand fits around mine.

"It's nice to meet you, Trent."

"Are you American?"

"Yeah, I just got here today."

He gives me a smirk; a sexy smirk. Bad thoughts, Tyler! "You have a funny accent for an American."

"Yeah, I know. I lived in Georgia." I stick my chin up proudly.

"Oh." He replies, uninterested. He walks over to the bed furthest from the door. My bed.

"Hey! That's my bed."

"Not anymore. I always have this bed." He defends, putting his bags on my bed.

"But I already unpacked!" I hurry over towards him, kneeling onto the bed.

"What a shame…" He smirks cockily, unzipping his suitcase. "I guess you'll have to move your clothes then."

"Trent, come on. That isn't fair."

"It's an all boys' school; therefore, I get what I want, simply because you don't belong here."

"Are you always so mean?" I scoff at him.

"For the most part, so get used to it. By the way, Tyler…nice view." He answers arrogantly, as his eyes travel down the front of my sundress.

"Trent!" I shriek irritably, trying to shove his suitcase off the bed.

"Fine, you spoiled prat. You can have the bed." He sneers, placing his bag on the other bed. "I can't believe I have to room with you."

"I could say the same for you, you egotistical jerk." I reply in the same tone, falling back onto the bed loudly. At least I won our little quarrel.

"Stop whining, I bet your parents give you everything you want." He scoffs, unpacking his things. I sit up quickly, outraged.

"Don't you ever talk about my parents that way again. Ever." I seethe with a shaking voice, feeling the wetness forming in my eyes. Trent notices the strength of my reaction, and smartly decides not to push the subject. He mumbles as sorry, but I divert my attention out the window pretending not to care.


I occupy myself by watching television as Trent quietly unpacks his things. I notice how he keeps giving me wary looks, trying to figure out why I'm here.

"Are you done yet?" I call to him in a sweet voice.

He grumbles, "For now." I watch him walk across the room towards the door. "Where are you going?" I ask, cocking an eyebrow.

"To walk around, find some people to hang out with or something." He replies heatedly.

"Can I come?" I ask, flashing him a wide grin, ignoring his bad mood.

He studies me for a second, before giving me a crooked grin. "…Sure."

I slip on my fashionable white sandals, and adjust my sundress as I make my way towards the door. "Ladies first, Tyler," He smirks.

"How chivalrous of you," I draw, placing a hand over my heart.

He rolls his eyes at me as we begin to walk down the hall together. Many boys are beginning to arrive and move into their rooms. I try to ignore their curious stares and walk calmly; however, Trent seems to be amused by my discomfort, especially at the cat calls and hollering.

Boys are so irritating sometimes, particularly Trent.

"I'm going to get so lost."

"Yeah, it's a big school." Trent agrees, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

"Definitely, and I don't know where anything is!"

I see him smile at me out of the corner of my eye. "Well think of it this way. Year 10 boards on the fourth floor, year 11 is on the fifth floor, year 12 is on the sixth floor obviously, and year 13 is on the seventh."

I nod, asking him to continue. "The second and third are for classes, and the main floor has the auditorium by the administration hall, the cafeteria straight ahead from the foyer, and the gym and weight room. It's not too difficult, you'll get it soon enough."

"Oh." I pause, biting my lip. "Still sounds complicated."

"I wouldn't worry about it." He assures kindly. Man, does this boy have mood swings or what. One minute he's all nice and helpful and the next he wants to rip my head off.

"So, where are we going?" I ask curiously.


"Whose room is that?"

"It's my friend's room."

"Oh. That makes sense." He lets out a deep chuckle at my comment. "Ooh, 604!" I point excitedly, "I was getting tired of walking."

He snickers at me. "Lazy ass."

"I am not a lazy ass!" I retort, folding my arms over my chest defiantly.

"Yes, you are."

"No, I'm not!"

"Yes, you are."

"No, I'm not." Trent gives me an apprehensive look then proceeds to knock on the door three times.


"No! You don't even know me!" I reply fiercely, not noticing the open door.

"Tyler, just… shut up!" he growls at me, turning his attention to his friend at the door. "Hey mate." They do a manly hug type gesture… boys are so odd.

"It's been too long." The boy with tidy black hair smiles at Trent; however, his eyes are elsewhere. I fidget uncomfortably under his gaze. "Who's the girl?" He asks, casually leaning against the dorm frame.

"Don't even get me started." He mumbles angrily, brushing past the boy into the room.

"Is your friend always such a jerk?"

"Nah, I don't know what's wrong with him." The boys grins, his accent much thicker than Trent's.

"I'm Tyler Madison, Trent's roommate." I hold my hand out politely.

He takes it, giving me a strange look. "You go here?"

"It's kind of a long story, but yeah."

"Well, anyhow, it's lovely meeting you, Miss Madison." He kisses my hand gently. My cheeks blush crimson. "I'm Ryan Kingsley." His emerald green eyes watch me intently as I smile shyly, before taking my hand back.

"Nice meeting you." I walk into the room, passing Ryan's tall, lean form, to see Trent talking with another boy. Ryan's roommate I'm guessing. The boy is very handsome as well, though not as tall as his two other friends, but just as physically fit. He has neatly kept blonde hair with a bit of sway and almond shaped hazel eyes.

The blonde boys smiles widely at me as I enter. "Damn, Trent. When'd you pick her up?" I'm really starting to get tired of every boy I meet looking me up and down. It's getting old, fast… and I've only been here a few hours.

"Andy, I would never pick her up." Trent snaps. I glare at him, both hurt and confused. Does he really have to be so mean all the time? Honestly, I'm not that bad. I haven't even done anything to him!

"Your loss, Parker." I reply, my voice fading a bit. Luckily for me, the boys don't seem to notice.

"I've got to agree with the girl. You'd be dumb if you didn't, Trent." The blonde boy, Andy, replies smoothly.

"But she's so annoying, and you're not the one that has to live with her." Trent whines, taking off his hat and running a hand through his hair. "And she's a spoiled little brat."

"I am not!" I cross my arms, continuing to glare at him fiercely. "You are so conceited, it makes me sick." How am I going to live with such an asshole for the whole school year! Maybe I can ask my grandmother to put me in another room.

"I bet you don't even know how to spell that, dumb blonde." I widen my eyes staring at him with disbelief. That was one insult I refuse to take. I am not some dumb blonde and I'm going to make sure that ignorant boy knows it.

Andy cuts me off as I open my mouth, about to retort back. "Let's go meet up with some people or something…" He trails off quickly, ushering us out of the room.

"Yeah, good idea." Ryan agrees, following Andy out of the door. Trent and I remain frozen for a long moment, staring at one another. His mouth opens, about to say something, but I turn on my heel before the words could have come out of his mouth. I honestly don't want to hear what else he has to say to me.

I quickly catch up to Ryan and Andy, and smile sweetly up at them. Trent groans loudly in frustration behind me. I really don't see what his problem is.

Ryan casts a glance back at his friend with a smirk, and puts his arms around my slim shoulders. "Welcome to Wilmington, Tyler." He whispers in my ear, lips tickling the edges. I giggle in response, knowing that Trent's watching my every move from behind. I can feel his eyes bearing into my back, intense and furious.

Jealousy? Perhaps. Although I don't see why, it doesn't even seem like Trent likes me in any way.

He certainly caught up to us quickly, I think, as I notice Trent appearing at my side stiffly.

"Boy, I may be blonde, but I'm not easy." I say in a sugary voice, taking his hand off my shoulders. He gives me a surprised look, as if no girl has ever rejected him, and then starts to laugh, obviously amused.

I feel Trent relax beside me. He's so… confusing!

I have a feeling I'm in for a very eventful year.

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