Inspiration of "The Storm":

I was so close to Cassie when I was in middle school. We wrote notes back and forth, and on every one, when it was folded in half once, we'd write something like an introduction or a summary on it. It never really introduced or summarized the coming words in the note, but it meant something. It was inspiration and it meant something to us. On one of them, she wrote everything but a thunderstorm is ugly today. I kept every single note she ever wrote me in eighth grade (and the fifteen or so that she wrote for me in ninth grade). She hasn't written me since January, about ten months ago.

Now, we are miles apart and drifting farther. I don't know what she feels about me, and I doubt she knows what I still feel for her. It's like going through a very bad breakup. I cry over her, I dream about her, and I think about her constantly. I hate her new friends more than anything because all through elementary and middle school, we disliked them and I find it an absolute annoyance that she's now closer to them than she ever was to me. (Or it feels so anyway.)

They talk about her in the classes that I'm with them (her new friends). They say things about her relationship with Levi (the boy that she was dating and broke up with about eight times while we were still close… what are they on now, 63? Who the hell knows). They say things about going shopping with her, and all the fun they have, and all the things they do.

I have tried to reach out to her but it's like she keeps shoving me away. I called her the other night but I don't see the point, she never has anything to say to me and all I do is babble. She doesn't write me anymore, she doesn't look at me in the hallway, and she barely says a word when she does sit by us at lunch, although I have noticed that since I called her a few nights ago, she sat by us every single day this week.

I see her walking to her classes and I know her schedule almost by heart. It's like I'm stalking her because I don't have anything else to do or anything else to turn to.

My best friend (Sarah) moved away when I started fifth grade. My best friend (Cassie) drifted away from me in ninth grade. My best friend (Casi) moved away just days before I started my sophomore year. I have nothing left, so I cling onto her (Cassie) even though she has already let go of me.