A/N: So, been working on this for a bit. It's a bit confusing at first, I know. It's supposed to be that way. It'll be clearer later on. I swear it will. XD

--Belleville, Texas, Unknown Date--

Rain Carson leaned against the side of a brick building, her long light brown hair tied back, bangs framing her slightly tanned face. Goddamn, Texas was hot. She was already covered in sweat and aching for a shower. Not to mentioned pissed off at Keagen for moving the coven to Texas. Texas! Why the hell couldn't they have stayed in New York? It was nice a cool there. What kind of mentally retarded asshole would just up and move everyone down to what was the epicenter of the whole fucking South. Nothing down here but horse shit, tumble weeds, and trailer park trash.

Her fangs pressed against her mouth, proof of her silent seething. Keagen might have Made her, but that didn't give him the right to force her to follow on his mad hunts for Matthias. The bastard was probably dead anyway. Not even his followers -the Bloodcrafts- had seen him for nearly a thousand years. There faith was beginning to be there downfall. They knew it. Eventually they would wear down like a riverbed eroding away under the constant presence of the water. And when they did… well, the Skycrafts would kill them all. A holocaustic plan, yes. But it was easier than making sure they were following Jacob every minute of every day. And there would be rebels and heroes, and it just wasn't worth it in the long run.

Lost in thought, Rain didn't notice she was being watched. There was a quiet chuckle, then a flash of light as a spell struck her. She half-shrieked in surprise as little bugs seemed to crawl all over her body. She waved her hand, banishing the simple, yet annoying, hex. Her hot honey eyes flicked around, looking for her sister, Alice.

The dirty blonde copy of herself was standing several feet away, full lips quirked and trembled, trying to fight a smile. Rain glared at her, elongated canines bared slightly. "What the hell was that?" She demanded, eyes narrowing.

Alice's smile broke cover and she giggled. "Sorry, Raindrop." She managed, using her sisters most hated pet name. Rain could see the fangs that marked her as a sangue-strega. Blood-witch.

She merely glared at her sister, then spun around, pulling the magic from her soul. A lean werewolf in his human from stood there, grinning. His hair was slightly shaggy and golden blonde. Aleksandr. Rain relaxed. "Do you want to get your furry ass fried, Alek?" She asked, exasperated. Between Alice and Alek, she was either going to have a mental breakdown, or hex some dirty Bloodcraft until she calmed down. The later sounded pretty good, actually.

Alek grinned, the tips of his lupine fangs showing. "Aw, babe, I'm sor-" A sonic boom sliced off his words and blinding light seared over the trio, drowning them in an ocean of endless light. Like a guttering candle, the light blinked out, the darkness of the moonless night seemed to collapse in the space the light had occupied, swallowing it like a awful tasting medicine.

Magic swept over them, cutting off air to their lungs. Starving them of oxygen, there magic couldn't stop it. It merely splashed against it like a water gun. A child's toy versus a tank.

The trio now lay on the ground, eyes open, filled with fear and glazed with death. A man, dressed head to toe in black stood there, eyeing them coldly. Squatting next to Rain's body, he opened her mouth, noting the fangs. He did the same to Alice, then Aleksandr. "A werewolf." The black-haired man muttered, then shook his head. "Jacob, how low you've sank." His fine whisky-honey eyes narrowed coldly and he stood, waving his hand absently and the bodies disintegrated into oblivion. Another sonic boom and flash of light and the man was gone, the darkness once again swallowing the light.

--Oak Grove, Arkansas, Three Years Later--

Bridget lay on the porch that clung to the upper story of her house, gazing at the stars and moon. Druid, her huge Irish Wolfhound-Great Dane mix, lay beside her, resting his black, brown, and white mottled head on his front paws.

A soft summer night breeze shifted her long red hair. Bridget loved the simplistic beauty of Arkansas, loved the feeling of being subjected to Mother Nature's wild power; ice storms, tornados- hell even the fall out from hurricanes if they were bad enough, and all. The breeze died down, and the heat of summer floated over her willow-slim body, sheathed in a thin white tank-top and shorts that hardly covered her long pale legs. She yawned and tucked a decidedly free-thinking strand of her ginger hair behind an ear.

A sonic boom shredded the delicate summer silence and a light blinded her. Druid was up on his white-socked paws in an instant, howling, snarling, and causing a general uproar. As the light vanished, the thick darkness pressed on Bridget's vivid green eyes like a blanket.

The clang of metal on metal sounded loudly in her yard, with each metallic twang sparks flew. "What the hell?" Bridget muttered and got to her feet in an easy, fluid movement. She half-ran, half-jogged into the open sliding-glass door that led to her room, then down the stairs, still hearing the clanging… what was that? Swords? And what was with the sonic booms and light?

She jerked open the front door in time to hear a snarled curse, a grunt, then another sonic boom and blinding light. Once her eyes adjusted, she turned on the porch light. A heap that looked a lot like a human body lay prone in the grass. Forgetting that it was probably a good idea to call 9-1-1, she crept outside after grapping a flashlight. Clicking the button, the bright LED light flared to life, illuminating the body of a man.

His hair was black, as were his clothes. His skin was pale and seemed to glow in the moonlight/LED light. Blood covered is mouth and neck. It also seemed to coat the ground he was under. Fear flared in Bridget's veins, and she froze when his eyes snapped open. They were the color of whiskey, mixed lavishly with honey. The trapped her, fascinated her. Made her want to stare into there depths forever.

Then he was up on his feet in a blinding flash. His weight slammed against her, his teeth-fangs- buried in her throat. She felt him swallow her blood, but it was faint. A ringing was pounding in her ears, and then she was falling. Falling into darkness. Unconsciousness. Her body went limp in the man's arms, he still suckled her throat, needing her blood to keep him from dying.

Finally he managed to pull away. Realized he drained her of blood. Sill holding her, he used his mouth too rip back his sleeve. He bit his own wrist and forced her mouth to it. Still lost in unconsciousness she suckled hard, his blood flowing down her throat. Finally pulling his wrist away from her greedy mouth, the man scooped her up and carried her inside her house.