As odd as it sounds I hadn't really thought I would die when we came here tonight. I refused to belief that after everything that had happened that Zane would really stand by his vampire friends and get ready to kill the rest of us here who still had a pulse. Looking around I couldn't help but feel guilty, all these people, Amberlyn, Damien, Kaelin, Falin, and so many others that I cared deeply about, were about to learn their fate and it was all my fault. I wonder if there was anything I could have done differently. Maybe never coming here in the first place as a start. Now that I think about it if I had never had to come here I wouldn't know about vampires and neither would my friends and my friends wouldn't be looking at dozens and dozens of pairs of glowing red eyes.

"CALLIE!!" my name rang through the whole room as Zane called to me. I stepped forward.

"Hello Zane" I was acting a whole lot calmer than I felt, but I know that they can smell fear of those weaker then themselves.

"I am a little upset that you didn't come alone, why get others killed only you were called here tonight."

"She didn't bring us here," Falin's voice rang out,"we knew she would be punished for the crimes we all committed or helped plan and we decided that we got into this mess together might as well fight you bloodsuckers together instead of waiting for you to pick us off" he walked past the other kids and came to stand right next to me grabbing my hand. Zane, noticing this, flashes his fangs and looks like he really wants to murder Falin. I step in between the two boys not wanting Falin, of all people, to get hurt.

"Zane you and your buddies have a problem with me remember I am the one who found out you secret, told others the secret, and killed one of your kind. I don't care what happens to me just promise that if I go quietly you and your friends will leave everyone else involved alone." Zane stared at me, shocked that I was willing to give up; the look he was giving me was the same one everyone in the room was giving me. A look somewhere between respect, disappointment, and horror. Well the only ones with a look of horror were the people that were breathing.

"Callie, no I can' let you do this" Falin murmured grabbing my hand once more.

"If you are really willing to go quietly and except whatever punishment you get even if it is death then we don't see a need to involve anyone else." Zane tells me "are you really willing to give up?"

I looked around at the faces of the people that I have grown very fond of and know that I can' let them suffer because of my mistake. I turn back to Zane

'I, Callie Smith, will willingly accept any punishment I shall receive for the crimes I have committed." Falin looks like he is going to be sick and I realize that I will miss him the most because I loved him I really loved him. Too bad it took so long to figure it out.

"Ok" Zane sounds oddly upset I look over and see that water has pooled in his eyes

"Can I say goodbye real quick?" he shakes his head yes and steps back so I have some privacy and automatically I am ambushed with hugs from everyone. I say goodbye to everyone leaving Falin last. I turn and look into the dark blue eyes that have left me speechless so many times and I start to cry. I never cry I calmly accept death but when I think about never seeing Falin's blue eyes ever again I start to cry. Falin pulls me into a hug tat makes me never want to let go.

"Callie, I love you so much I have always loved you since that first day of school when you bumped into me, I promise to get revenge for you!" Falin's voice starts to crack and I am in shock Falin actually loves me!

"Falin," Falin looks at me, "I love you too, with ever fiber of my being I love you but please don't get revenge you need to let me go and move on you cant live your life wanting to make others pay trust me. I love you I have always loved you and I will always love you even if I am dead." I stand on my tip toes and give him the gentlest of kisses.

Then I walk over to where Zane and Jesse are waiting to take me away.