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I dropped to my knees, covering my head as something shot over it, hearing the crash and feeling the impact, as well as the heat. I could barely hear my own voice as I screamed in both frustration and terror.

I suddenly felt a hand around my arm, yanking me up and pulling me away, growling in a barely audible voice above all the commotion "Move you fucking idiot"

Before I got a chance to snap back at him, something whizzed by our heads, making us instinctively duck. My head shot around to see something I didnt want to see...

"Humans" It growled, stepping on its awkward feet towards us, Jara gun raised.

"Shit" I muttered, not even hearing my own voice in the war zone. We were done for...

Over here!

There was a voice in our heads, seconds before a brown blur swept the Terinan up, and out, for good.

We looked at the bear, probably both breathing sighs of relief.

Come on guys! Theres a cave nearby! The bear suddenly took of in a random direction, and we both followed.

"Cutting a little close arent we?" Robert snapped, starting to overtake me. That was the thing about males with long legs...

Maybe I should back up just a bit. My name is Jade. And I'm part alien.

Well, not really. Physically I'm fully human. But because of one unlucky incident when I was eleven, my bloodwork has uh...changed, slightly.

Long story short? I met an alien. Sadly, it was in the heat of battle. Between two alien races. The Chanaibens, (or the good guys) and the Terinans (the bad guys). Well if you think of it, we actually met alot of aliens that day...but only one that stood out. Ithiell.

There was three of us. Me, my best friend Amanda, and... Robert. Dont ask me where he came from, but I sometimes wish I'd never met him. That part I'll explain later.

But...basically... we got stuck in the crossfire, and got knocked about a hell of a lot. When we all came to, we met Ithiell. A Chanaiben.

These guys basically look like overgrown lizards. Only with softer noses and rubbery skin, like dolphins. The males have just normal little earholes, and whitish blue skin. Also they have wings, hidden under skin flaps, kinda cool I think. The femals have a more aqua skin, and very catlike ears. Its pretty cool to see.

But, back to Ithiell. He was only at the 'human age' of fourteen, and managed to patch us up, even when he himself was cut and bleeding. And thats the weird thing. We dont know how it happened, but his blood mixed with ours...

"Jade, keep up!!" Robert snapped as we skidded left, then towards a tight stretch of trees.

"I'll show you-"

Guys. Enough!

Suddenly we both skidded into a cave, the mud making us slide further in, me almost crashing to the floor. All of a sudden, a lone wolf greeted us from inside the cave. It looked up at us, then nodded. We knew.

I looked up at Robert, who looked at me, his dark curls almost entirely covering the icy blue eyes that stared back.

"Lets go"

I closed my eyes, concentrating.

Yes, thats right. We became changelings. Being able to shift our bodies into anything we wanted. And yes girlies, I'd be careful about soap. Could be Robert...


Want to know what it feels like to be a tiger? Its like suddenly getting a whole new body. The strength, the speed...


Then again, I enjoy being a wild animal. Such as a Siberian white tiger. Always been my favorite animal.

I shot forward, easily avoiding a Terinan coming at me, leaping for another before taking it down. The aerial fight had stopped, and I could only guess we'd won up there... but down here...

Left! Right! No time to think!

Attack! Attack! ATTACK!


I was starting to wear down, but knew if I needed to my friends would back me up. I saw Ithiell, the lone wolf from the cave, shoot by me, and seconds later there was two less Terinans to worry about. Hed taken them out without a second thought.

Then, what sounded like over a loudspeaker "Are you all right down there?"

FWUMP! Amanda body slammed several. Talk about a bad way to go down...

I focused my mind, creating the thoughts in my head for her to hear We're all right Rtaia. Almost done I think.

Chanaibens, we found out later, have a mental link. They can open up their minds to one another and just talk to each other when they need to. As for us lucky humans? We got part of that. Only we have to focus our thoughts so they can hear it.

Uh-oh... Came Ithiells worried voice in my head.

What? Amanda, of course. She sounded a little freaked.

RETREAT!!! We're done here!


Go Robert!! You heard me!

We all shot out of there like a cannon, coming to a small meadow, where Rtaia had 'parked' her alien fighter. It had an arrow like shape, with a long, thick middle, at the end, were the wings, which arched forwards towards us. It was pretty in a strange way...

The hatch opened, and Rtaia half stepped out, her tail twitching and her ears moving like she was straining to hear.

Get inside Ithiell instructed, and we all piled in, Rtaia included, finding it a bit...sqashed. We managed to shift our bodies back to our own selves, and Ithiell went to the controls. We shot up, with the three humans toppling backwards, ending up in an uncomfortable pile before Ithiell levelled the ship out.

"Can we go home now?" Amanda asked from the tangled mess "I think I left the oven on"

I couldnt help but snort. Gotta love it sometimes.


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