While the title of this series has 'mundane' in it, I hope to achieve the contrary. There are many small mundane things of life that inspire me to write, like the rain, or the sun and sky, or the interesting things people say.

I wish to show through this series of short descriptive pieces about life around me (and many of us) that the little and easily forgettable things are what piece together our experiences and make us who we are; they are what colour our lives, and maybe, not so mundane after all.

Also this is for my own personal practice in my writing. I hope to achieve a successful portrayal of themes through just a few words in each story, and to improve my usage of literary devices in my writing.

Each story is titled "For theā€¦" , because I hope to relate each piece to different people, times, days, and experiences. In front of each piece will be a short explanation about it, or perhaps just a sentence that really brings out the theme of the piece. Maybe a little author's note at the end.

Do review and give comments. Enjoy!

Sekine Hana