Written a while back but I still like the idea behind it. I like this poem because of it's surrealism, but once again I'm throwing it to the dogs (you) to see what you can tell me what's wrong with it.


Setting Moon

Once upon a bright lit night,

I looked to the heavens and saw a sight,

The sky rained tears of rampant flames,

The stars showered down in blazing games,

Setting alight a field of wheat,

Creating an inferno of escalating heat,


I watched in silent, confounded awe,

My sanity questioned to my core,

The impossibility of a brightened dark,

In my mind had left its mark,

I gazed upon the stunning sight,

Afraid to turn my back on night


From my bloody lips did fly,

A gasp as the moon fell from the sky,

Against the greying skies of dawn,

From the air the moon was torn,

The sun emerged from dormant rest,

In the blue it made its nest,


Upon the world the moon did shine,

That night I saw a sight so fine,

As a mortal man I'll never forget,

The time I watched the silver moon set.