Written: 24.11.o8

Tide Down

By stringless-kite

- X -



I was so angry!

I was angrier than the time Marie-Ellen had tripped me over at the sports carnival because she knew that I was a better runner than her. Cause I was so angry, I had forgotten to take out my parka!

All I had brought along with me was a small packet of wriggly sour snakes, a bottle of water, my Winnie the Pooh teddy bear, a skipping rope, my blankie and my favourite flowery dress. I mean, that's all I really needed. Running away from home would be easy! I'd show my stupid parents!

They threw my coloured pastels in the rubbish!

I hate my parents. Because of them, I was running away. If they hadn't thrown away my pastels, I would be at home snuggling under my doona and watching the second episode of My Little Pony tape.

I huffed. Yes, it was all their fault!

I looked around my surrounding. Although the prettiful moonlight lit the town, walking along The Great Ocean Road was freakish. It was night time and there were no people. Lorne always looked deserted at night – especially in winter. Lorne looked scary. I think that's why mummy told me to never go out during night time.

Who cares? I'm a big girl now!

Carrying an enormous bag on my shoulders, I walked on. I was by myself now, my parents weren't going to stop me from doing whatever I wanted to do and I had a plan!

I was going to go and live with Aunt Julie because Aunt Julie loved me! Aunt Julie will hopefully let me stay with her because she makes the best choc chip cookies ever!My parents didn't love me because they wouldn't let me eat sweets during night time and because they didn't buy me Barbie and Ken's caravan when I had asked for it.

My plan was to walk from Lorne to Melbourne overnight. Tomorrow morning, Aunt Julie would see me and she'd let me stay.

Mummy and daddy said that it took forever to get to Melbourne by foot, but I knew that they were lying. I could do it! They said that because they didn't like Aunt Julie – that's why they hadn't chosen to live near her.

And now that they didn't like me too (because they threw away my pastels), I was going to live with Aunt Julie and no one was going to stop me!

Like always, the ocean was being too noisy. The waves kept crashing onto the shore. It would be the last time I'd see the ocean. That made me a tad bit sad. The kids at school would tease me because I never would swim in it. The last time I had tried, the ocean had tried to kill me! Even though the ocean was mean to me, I would miss looking at it. It was pretty.

My bag was becoming too heavy, so I cradled it in my hands as I walked on and on. Soon I was going up what seemed like to be a hill. I don't know what it was, but the hill was leading me away from the town – and that was a good thing. It had been the farrest I had ever been all by myself. It meant that I'd be seeing Aunt Julie soon!

The more I continued to walk, the more I began to find it harder to breathe. My chest felt tight. My eyes were starting to water and I was growing tired, so I dragged my bag on the footpath instead of carrying it.

I had forgotten to take my inhaler with me!

Oh well, I was strong. I didn't need it. Perhaps mummy and daddy's reason to make me use the inhaler was to make me weak. They must have been poisoning me all along! That was why I found it hard to breathe!

I smiled when I saw that I had finally made the top of the hill.

From where I standed I could see the ocean. The view was more prettiful from here. If I had bought our house, I would have bought it here! Mummy and daddy didn't know how to buy houses.

I walked on until I felt my feet step on something icky and squishy. I didn't know what it was, but it wasn't the footpath anymore. It was too dark, so dark that I couldn't see a thing! I bobbed down and felt where I was standing on.


I was only standing on muddy slimy grass.

Ew. Yucky.

I shook my head. I needed to hurry up before mummy and daddy would find me and lock me in my room! I wasn't going to let them do that! I wasn't going to be held as their prisoner. I wasn't going to be trapped inside a cage like Hansel and Gretel were!

As I was about to get up from crouching, something jumped on me. I shrieked, falling back to the ground.

A monster was on me!

His claws dug into my arms. I could feel my heart beating so fast and my throat become dry. It was the Boogeyman! Daddy had been lying! My best friend, Tessa, was right! The Boogeyman did exist. The monster then licked me. I screamed.

"HELP! Don't eat me!" I wailed loudly, trying to push him off - but he was too strong! "I'll be a good girl! I promise! I'm a good person! I'm pretty too!"

He panted in response, fangs coming closer. Thick slobber fell on my face. It was gross. I squirmed, struggling to wipe my sleeve across my face. The Boogeyman was going to kill me! I was going to die!

"Dior, where are you? It's dinner time," a voice called out. There was a whistle. "Here boy!"

It was another Boogeyman. Oh no!

I sniffled.

"Don't eat me," I whispered.

Doing what I said, the Boogeyman stopped licking me. I heard a swish. I think the Boogeyman's head wasn't facing me anymore. I tried to push him off, but his paws were still on me. I couldn't move! This was bad – very bad!

The other Boogeyman clapped and I felt the Boogeyman get off my body and move towards his friend.

"What have you got here, Dior? Oh. This one looks tasty. I thought my canned dog food was good enough for you, but you've obviously found something better: girl cooties!"

I stood up. My bottom lip pursed out from the stinging on me knees. I was probably bleeding now thanks to the scary Boogeyman.

Wait. Did the Boogeyman's friend say 'dog food'?

Licking, claws, panting…the Boogeyman was a dog?!

And that person who had whistled - he sounded like a boy! He said cooties! I didn't have cooties! Boys had them!

"Who are you?" I spoke into the dark. "And why'd you sic your ugly dog on me?"

In reply, I saw a flame spark up a couple of steps away from me.

I was right - it was a boy.

From the flame's light, I could see that the boy had a dirty blond mop for hair and was a bit taller than I was. He was also smiling weirdly at me. In his left hand I saw that he was holding a lighter. Daddy told me only evil people used lighters (that was after Daddy had quitted smoking, of course).

As I stared at that boy, I didn't know if he was evil or not. He wasn't smoking, so maybe he was good? I wasn't sure.

I had never seen him before and I knew almost everyone at my school! Lorne was so small, I couldn't have missed him – especially when he had a freaky smile. He might have been a tourist? I didn't know.

I spotted a large dog next to him. The dog had fur that sparkled gold under the little light. The dog's tongue lolled out and dribble fell onto the ground. Ew. That dribble had been on me! How gross!

"I didn't sic him on you. You were on our property," the boy replied. "Why else do you think my dog attacked you?"

"Because your dog is ugly!"

"He is not! Dior's a handsome dog – more handsome than you'll ever be!" the boy snapped back.

"I'm not handsome because I'm pretty."

"You are not!"

"Am so!"


"I am so!"

"You're the ugly one!"

"You're annoying, I'm going to go now," I said.

I wanted to fight the boy, but I remembered that I needed to get to Aunt Julie's soon. If I didn't leave soon, I was going to be late and mummy and daddy would catch me! That stupid boy was making me late!

"Where are you going?" he asked.




"That's stupid, you dumb girl! Melbourne's too far from here! It's hours away by car. You won't make it!"

"I will so!" I shouted, "Just you watch me!"

The boy was making me so annoyed that I was finding it hard to breathe again. How dare he call me dumb! I was smart!

I turned around, putting on my bag back and stalking away from the weird boy. My eyes were beginning to water more and everything around me started to become blurry. Why was I feeling dizzy? Why was I finding it hard to breathe? I wasn't that angry at that boy too–

I began to cough. I needed air. My eyes widened in panic. I needed my inhaler! I needed to get back to my house!

I ran back where I had come from. I was running down the steep hill and I could see where I was now. The moonlight shone, but I still couldn't see my house. It was too far. I needed to get home to grab my inhaler or else I would die!

I squealed when I slipped on a crack. My body jerked forward, knees slamming against the ground. I didn't feel the pain. I was still focusing on trying to breathe. My throat tightened. I felt like I was choking. I needed air. I needed-

Something was licking me. The licking was followed by the sound of someone's footsteps.

I turned over onto my back and saw the dog that had jumped on me earlier and beside the dog was that weird boy again. The weird boy stared down on me, eyes wide and scared. He looked worried.

Why was he looking scared?

I was the one going to die!

"Do y-ou have an-n inhal-er?" I said softly.

Silently, he shook his head. I couldn't see properly and I was sobbing.

"You're sick," he said.

Of course I was sick, stupid!

"The clinic's not open at this hour," he said.

I tried to think and then I remembered. Mr. Richards was the closest and he was the only doctor I could think about who lived nearby.

"Mr. Richards! I-I need to go to Mr. Rich-Richards'!" I managed to wheeze out.

I started to cough again. I felt a hand tap my back. The next think I knew, the boy sat me up and squatted next to me so that his back was facing me. His hands motioned me to come towards him.

"What a-re y-ou doin'?" I said weakly.

"Don't complain. I'll piggyback you there," he said. "So hop on."

- X -

(a/n) I wasn't meant to post this story up yet and I'm not so sure why I did. I'll probably regret it later on.

This story will be pretty much something light and mild to read. A slice of life, really. I'm warning that it may get boring at times, but that's the way I intend it to be. You know when you get the urge to write something so that it'll leave your head alone? That's my case.

If you've spotted any typos (besides words like 'farrest' and 'prettiful' because they're intentionally written like that), let me know!

Thanks for reading the prologue ;) The next update will hopefully be up in less than a week.