"JD you're not black"

My family is odd.

"I never said I was! I'm just ghetto. Damn Clarissa, yous being a biatch"

I think the government should lock us up for the safety of the rest of the planet.

"Clarissa stop fighting with your brother! JD can be gangsta if he wants to!"

Seriously, we are a threat to normal people everywhere.

"Why do I have such annoying younger siblings? Why do I have to be the oldest?"

You see I have my mom, my older brother, my twin sister, and my younger brother, who thinks he's ghetto.

"Everybody try and act civilized. I mean you're meeting your new siblings today!"

Oh ya plus a new dad, two new brothers, and a new sister. Oh freaking boy.

"Mel, could you roll down the window... I farted."

Okay that's it.

"You're freaking gross! Annoying ugly little freak…" I yelled, turning to look at JD, my younger brother who was sitting alone in the back seat grinning and laughing.

He laughed harder when Clarissa shrieked and turned around to slap him. I pressed the button to roll down the window. Rolling my eyes at the same time. I hate my siblings.

Well most of the time any way.

Well really, JD, and Clarissa are the annoying ones. Clark doesn't really do anything to make me mad except ignore me, unless we're alone. He just graduated high school, with me and Clarissa going into our senior year and JD becoming a freshman.

I wish I was in Clark's position. He would be moving out when summer ended.

"JD, be polite when we meet Jay's kids" My mom said with a sigh and a smile.

My mom had been dating Jay for about three months before they were engaged. It was surprising for us, especially considering we hadn't even met his kids. We had met him on their one-month anniversary. He was a nice person. Total stud for a guy going on forty. He was tall, dark, and handsome.

He had short brown hair, brown eyes, and a killer smile. When I first saw his smile, I thought I was going to go blind. No joke. Now I am not saying that I lust for my mom's fiancé, that's just gross, but he isn't ugly.

My dad divorced my mom when Clarissa and I were around ten. It's been seven years and really, I don't miss him at all. My mom caught him cheating. Then after a month or two of talking her out of divorcing him, the bastard decided it wasn't worth it and he was going to divorce her. Right after her heart had healed, he had ripped the scars right back open.

I won't ever be able to forget seeing my mom at the dining table crying her eyes out every night for months.

"Alright kids, lets go over this again." My mom said from the front. JD groaned before reciting what we all knew she was about to quiz us on. He started the list of our new siblings that mom was just about to spout out for the billionth time.

"Jackie, the oldest daughter, is nineteen almost twenty and going to start her sophomore year in college after the summer break. Ryan, the middle son, he's seventeen and is starting his senior year after the break. Casey, the youngest son, is fourteen and starting freshman year, just like me."

My mom smiled "Good job JD. Do all of you know all that?" She said looking out her side window at a rather large white house we passed.

"Considering you've been pop quizzing us on it the past three days, I'm pretty sure we all have it memorized" Clarissa said flicking her dark brown bangs out of her eyes.

Clarissa, Clark, JD, and I all get our features from our mom, dark brown hair and blue eyes. Clark and JD both have straight hair like our dad, but Clarissa and I both have wavy hair, which I straighten most of the time.

For the past couple years Clarissa and I have looked the same. Our hair going down to about our mid back, but just a few days ago when mom took all of us to the salon, JD and Clark included, that had changed.

Clark just had them cut a little off the back and reshape his sweeping bangs. JD got his hair buzzed, and mom gave herself some layers. Nothing to drastic, but Clarissa and I had some fun.

I dyed my hair a lighter, more auburn color. I'd needed a little change after my tedious junior year. Clarissa cut her hair really short, so now it curls into a tiny, bouncy, little bob.

When asked why her answer was simple, "If I get called Melissa one more time I'm gonna go crazy"

Clarissa and I get into little spats all the time, but really, we're somewhat close. It's a complicated relationship we have. We annoy the hell out of each other, but she's probably the only person who knows every one of my secrets. That's how twins roll.

JD started to say something and by the first syllable, I knew it was going to be annoying. Clark saved us by turning and shooting JD a look that obviously said shut up.

The houses we were passing all had beautiful traditional designs as well as perfectly manicured lawns. It was obvious Jay was well off. Not that we weren't. My mom is the managing cosmetologist at the Kay Salon downtown.

I mean its San Francisco, she gets enough business, but Jay was a different story. He had money in his family and was helped run the family real estate company with his three brothers. He made millions.

We finally pulled into the driveway of a nice beige colored house with the signature perfect lawn.

My mom flipped her little sun visor and mirror down at the same time Clark did, and at the same time, Clarissa pulled a compact out of her purse.

Both JD and I laughed at this. My family is vain and proud of it, but I guess I'm no better considering I leaned over Clarissa's shoulder to check my own face and hair.

The only one who didn't check himself in the mirror every hour was JD.

After everyone was sure they looked all right, we piled out of the car and walked up the sidewalk to the big French doors.

My mom rang the doorbell then turned to give us a once over. She pulled my shirt down a little and dusted invisible dust off Clark's shoulder then graced a satisfied smile on her flawless face.

A white elastic pulled her hair into a high ponytail and she was wearing a pink sweater over a white tank top and dark wash capris.

Clark was in his customary skinny jeans and tight shirt, and his ever-present iPod. He wears his hair long, swept over his eyes, standing at six foot three. Both he and JD got their towering height from our dad.

Clarissa was wearing a red Hollister shirt and a denim mini skirt with red flip-flops. She left her hair down to curl at chin-length.

JD was wearing very baggy jeans, the polar opposite of Clark's, and a white muscle shirt. JD and Clark are a lot alike in the way their bodies are shaped. They are both tall and thin, but JD was a track star, not that he liked admitting it. It ruins his gangster routine.

Then there's me. I wore a plaid short sleeve shirt, white denim shorts, and my hair down and wavy. There had been minimal effort put into the way I looked this morning, I just didn't feel like caring today.

The door flung open and a dark haired kid about JD's age smiled a dazzling smile. I recognized the smile. It was the same gorgeous smile I'd seen Jay use except on a younger face.

"Hey, I'm Casey. Come on in" He said opening the door more. Clark and Mom went in first. Mom had obviously been here because she looked perfectly comfortable whereas Clarissa and I were standing in the hallway waiting to be told where to go.

JD being the way he is immediately saw the lush living room to our right. The fluffy white carpet looked like snow and there were to white couches, a glass coffee table, and then a light colored wood entertainment center with a huge television sitting in it.

"Dammmmn this guy is loaded," He said walking into the pristine white living room. Clark smacked the back of JD's head and grabbed his arm looking at him with the terrifying glare that he can do.

JD scowled and pulled his arm back, but stayed put.

"Casey, Hello it's great seeing you again. Where's your dad?" Mom asked her hands clasped in front of her holding her purse.

"Oh he's upstairs in his workroom. He'll probably be down in a sec. He heard the door bell ring most likely." The kid, Casey, said smiling again.

Clarissa leaned over whispering in my ear, "Mel, think… if the younger brother is that good looking, what the older one will be like. Can you say stud?"

I looked over at her and she winked at me smiling. That's just gross, these are our new brothers we're talking about, but he was cute. He had dark long curly hair, dark eyes, and perfectly tanned skin. His high cheekbones, big brown eyes, and full lips would make any girl involuntarily start to think of naughty things, but the innocent twinkle to his eyes was what really did it.

It made you want to hug him and pinch his cheeks.

"Oh darling! Its great seeing you again, honey!" I heard a high voice exclaim excitedly.

I watched the owner of the voice jog down the stairs with a huge smile on her face. She was gorgeous.

The dark hair that was obviously a reoccurring trait in their family was long and flowed in think waves down past her shoulders and I could see from a distance that she had long lashes and perfect lips.

Mom and the girl embraced and the girl did air kisses to both my mom cheeks.

The girl turned her eyes on us then. "Jenna, these must be you kids." She said letting go of my mom and walking more towards us.

Mom beamed "Yes this is my oldest Clark, he'll be going to college after the break" She said gesturing to Clark. Instead of shaking hands like Clark had expected, the girl jumped him with a hug.

Geez, the peppiness was almost suffocating.

"I'm Jackie, and this is my youngest brother, Casey. Ryan is around here somewhere. He'll emerge sooner or later." She said smiling. Casey shook Clark's hand, smiling.

"These two beautiful girls are my twin daughters Melissa, and Clarissa. Clarissa just cut her hair and Melissa dyed hers, so it's easier to tell them apart now. They'll both be seniors soon," Mom said smiling and almost jumping up and down in excitement.

"You girls are fabulous. Love everything about you" Jackie said moving towards us as if to give us a hug too. Clarissa and I were yanked into one just as I had started to back away. I wanted more than anything to roll my eyes.

"Thanks! You know you look absolutely beautiful too," Clarissa said putting a hand on her hip and pointed at Jackie with the other.

"Ya she's not joking" I said not wanting to stay silent and look like a bitch, even if my comment sounded awkward and out of place.

Clark visibly chuckled at me for throwing in the stupid compliment. I glared at him, but also blushed feeling even stupider.

Casey smiled at us and gave us both a handshake "Nice to meet you two. I've never actually met any twins," He said politely. Clarissa and I both laughed and were gonna say something back, when Mom interrupted us.

"And then my youngest, JD. He's very rambunctious and creative…"

"And gross," Clarissa added.

"And annoying," Clark supplied.

Both of them looked at me and I smiled "and stupid."

What can I say all the good ones were taken!

"Be nice!" Mom said sending us a disapproving glance. Clark smiled his sharp thin-lipped smile, and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Well you don't look so bad to me," Jackie said putting her hands on his shoulders before squeezing him into a hug.

I leaned over to Clarissa and whispered in her ear "ewwww, she's hitting on JD!" Clarissa laughed and I smirked. We both knew she wasn't, but it was entertaining to think of for a moment.

"Hello beautiful" Jay was coming down the stairs gazing at my mom. His eyes held complete adoration. It was the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

Mom's face lit up and looking at Clarissa I knew she saw it too.

Jay grabbed my mom and dipped her, smiling that perfect smile before kissing her. I turned around and looked at Clark who was fiddling with his iPod.

Just to keep my eyes off my mom kissing a guy I grabbed one of Clark's earphones and looked over his arm to see what he was listening too. I had the earphone a whole ten seconds before Clark snatched it back and put it in his ear.

Clark was moody like that. He didn't say much in front of people that aren't family, and even then, it's usually insulting if you're not alone with him, but in those rare moments when you were alone with Clark while he's in a good mood it was great.

He can be funny, sweet, and he is so smart. It's amazing. He wasn't super popular with guys in high school. The girls loved him, but the guys didn't.

They were rude and just plain mean to him and it feels wrong to be talking like this about my older brother who bullies us all the time, but it's true. He was miserable most of his sophomore and junior years. His senior year he started fighting back, and he was better, but people still talk about him sometimes and I feel like punching them in the face.

"Hello everyone! I see you've started the introductions without me…" Jay, having resurfaced from my mom's mouth, looked around quizzically, "Jackie, where is Ryan?" Jay asked with furrowed eyebrows as he led us into the extremely white living room JD had pointed out earlier.

"I don't know, last time I saw him, he was leaving to go party with Kyle, Josh and Callie," Jackie said sitting down with Casey on a white leather love seat "that was last night."

She said it snottily, and all I could think is tattletale.

I was sitting with Clark and Clarissa on one of the couches, and JD was chilling in a chair.

"What do you mean last night?" Jay said scrunching his eyebrows together. Jackie smiled in a cruel selfish way, "I didn't hear him come in last night, and he wasn't here when I got in around one"

Jay started to say something else when the door swung open so hard that it hit the wall and bounced back again. Casey started laughing, "Here he is," He looked towards us gave a short explanation "That's how he always opens the front door"

Just like the rest of his family, he kept to the cliché tall, dark, and handsome. He had dark brown hair that reached his chin and had a slight wave in it. He was still pretty far away so I didn't get a very good look, but I could tell he was fit. His grey and white striped v-neck shirt was snug and you could see the muscles beneath it.

He stumbled towards the stairs and put a hand in his hair ruffling it up a little.

He hadn't seen us yet. He didn't know we were there. I grinned widely as he started sprinting up the steps.

"Casey!…Casey! Do you know what time Dad's girlfriend is supposed to get here?" He yelled, still not having noticed us in the living room. He tripped on one and muttered an expletive.

I could feel Jay's anxiety and embarrassment rising.

Casey answered his question from the couch with an amused smile "Twelve, but they were a little late" He said, laughter in his voice as Ryan looked over into the living room where we we're all sitting around.

His face recovered quicker than I would have guessed it would. His ruffled, anxious expression melted into one of warm openness.

"Oh hey everyone! Sorry I'm late. I'm Ryan," He said jogging back down the stairs and coming to shake all our hands. He still looked a little surprised, but according to my girly, man-loving self, he could look good while enduring any emotion.

Thank the lord for hot men!

He went around the room giving us all handshakes. We each said our name as he reached us. His hands were warm and tan, and as he started down at me, I examined his face shortly.

From afar, he looked a lot like his siblings, but up close was a different experience all together. His soft, perfectly shaped lips made him look innocent, and the big light green eyes almost added to it. Except that, you could see 'crazy child' written all over the depth of his irises.

His turquoise and purple jersey shirt was wrinkled, and you could smell stale smoke and beer on him. His jeans were like a combination of styles. They hung low on his hips yet managed to be skinny jeans the rest of the way down.

I snapped back into focus, where he was standing right in front with his hand extended, and a smirk on his face.

"Oh, ya! Uh... Melissa. I'm Melissa."

"Nice. Clarissa and Melissa. Twins." He nodded his head in amusement. Jay looked like he was ready to rip his sons head off.

He stood for a second before sitting next to my mom on the couch. "Nice to meet all of you."

Jay rubbed his face with both hands but when he removed then he looked perfectly happy. "So now that everyone's here. Let's go get some lunch," He said cheerily. We all filed out the door and I could hear Jay berating Ryan in a hushed tone behind the stampede.

Mom rushed us into the car waving to Jay and smiling. Once we were all in the car, my mom started with the babbling. "Oh kids, he's so sweet. Nothing like your dad. HE actually cares about me! He's just so wonderful…"

You see we have a few unwritten rules that our family follows without question.

1. If Clark is giving you a look, find out what it means, and do whatever it's asking. Unless you want to deal with his pissy attitude.

2. Everyone gang up on JD because he's so annoying.

3. Unless you want Clarissa to bite your head off, don't mess with her in the mornings or when it's that time of the month. She's the queen on enormous PMS mood swings.

4. When I don't want to talk, don't talk to me.

5. When JD or Clark gets mad. Like on the verge of hitting someone, save the person they want to hit and try to calm them down. They both have has nasty tempers, and some stiff right hooks.

6. Let mom babble, or else she'll get offended.

7. One of the most important is never laugh at Mom when she can't remember something or if she takes a long time to figure something out. It makes her feel stupid.

"Where are we eating?" Clarissa asked interrupting mom's babbling that was still going strong.

"Oh umm, you know that place we went for Clark's graduation?" Mom said she looked like she was concentrating hard.

"Oh you mean-" Clarissa started

"Shhh! don't tell me!" Mom said holding up one hand in the air.

Silence over took the car as Mom attempted to remember the name of the restaurant, which by the way was Applebee's.

"Mom its-"

"Nooo! It's on the tip of my tongue" She said her hand still held up in the air.

I couldn't help it, the smile found my face on its own accord.

Clarissa saw it and shook her head slowly. She always stood up for mom and hated seeing her get upset.

Clarissa's warning just made it funnier to me, but JD being the loud… thing he is, started laughing first.

Mom glared at him through the mirror up front, and again the car was silent except for JD's fading chuckles.

"It's Applebee's," She grunted as we continued down the highway.