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Alexander looked at his watch. 'Twelve o'clock. Another thirty minutes until lunch…' He inwardly sighed as he took another glance at the paperwork. He never liked his work, no matter how much he was paid as a managing director. Everyday was just sitting at his desk and tire his eyes out by reading too many business proposals. No day was his day.

He shook his head as he felt his eyelids dropping. 'Just another thirty minutes…' He thought to his himself as he forced his lethargic self to stare at the sheet of paper filled with words.

Then, he saw her. She was beautiful- with glossy long, brown hair and hazel eyes, it was impossible not to notice her. She was the kind of girl that made every man swoon and every woman jealous… in Alexander's eyes, at least.

"Alexander! Jasmine wants the approved paperwork on her desk by fifteen minutes!" His secretary, Gabriella, shouted into the telephone. Alexander was suddenly jolted back to Earth as he grabbed the files and hurried out of his workplace.


"I'm sorry!"

Alexander suddenly froze. It…It was her.

He slowly lifted his head and before he knew it, his deep blue eyes met her hazel ones.

"Oh… It's okay." He weakly smiled as she helped him up.

"Debbi! I need some help with the printer!"

"I'll be right there!" Debbi yelled back, before turning to help Alexander pick the files up. He felt so tense; he did not know how to react. Then, he felt a soft touch to his pale hand.

"Are you alright?" She asked worriedly. Alexander nodded his head, biting his lip at the same time.

"T-thanks," He gave her a small smile. From her seat, Gabriella shot her boss a smirk. She knew Alexander had been trying to talk to her for who-knew-how-long. 'Go for it!' she mouthed as Alexander took a deep breath and turned to face Debbi.

"Eh… Debbi?" He cleared his throat. She looked into his eyes as he reluctantly continued, "Are…You free tomorrow?" As he said it, it was as if time around him stopped. Silence began to engulf the office as everybody locked their eyes on the pair.

'This was not I had planned…' Alexander panicked. What if she rejected? He was never going to live this down!

A shocked look momentarily flickered on her face, but, as if she realised what she was doing, she immediately regained her composure and an apologetic smile curled up on her slightly pink lips.

"I'm not free, sorry…"

Alexander's heart skipped a beat. He knew it! He had been foolish enough to actually think she would go out on a date with him! She was much too perfect for him. Much too perfect…

"But, I think I'm free on Friday night." Debbi grinned as she saw the look on his face- it was a mixture of relief and happiness.

"Oh!" He nervously chuckled. "I'll pick you up at seven?"

Debbi smiled, "Don't be late!" She went off to her desk as Alexander just stood there, a huge grin plastered to his face…

"Oh, so that's how you met Mom?" Joe sniggered as Alexander ruffled his thirteen year-old son's hair.

"Yes, you couldn't believe how unromantic he was!" Debbi took a seat next to her husband as the latter pouted, "Hey! Give me some credit will you?"

"I'll leave you two alone…" Joe laughed before going to the kitchen to get a drink.

Debbi giggled as she gave Alexander a peck on his cheek and lovingly gazed into his deep blue eyes, "I love you."

Alexander chuckled, holding her tight,

"I love you too."

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