Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and pretend everything is alright.

I walk with my head held up high

I will even look you directly in the eye

You will never figure it out

What my life is all about

I feel like shit

I feel like wallowing in this pit


It's tearing me from the inside

All I want to do is hide

But you will never see

It will never show

It will mean a lot to me

If you'd bury me in the snow


The purity that I will no longer feel

I have no reason for me to fall and kneel

There's no one to pray to

It's all up to you

When it comes to this thing we call life

That you can end with a simple knife


But you will never see my sit and cry

You won't hear my complain and wish to die

I'll only hold my chin up, hold my head up high

And look your square in the eye

Possibly preparing to lie