Chapter One: Run

I was standing in the middle of a forest. No moonlight shining through the trees, no breeze, no sound coming from the nearby stream.

Just a dead forest.

God, I didn't even know how I got here.

I guess I knew it was a dream. I mean, it was pretty obvious, the way the leaves didn't rustle, and how I couldn't remember how I had suddenly appeared here, and most of all, the fact that I wasn't scared at all screamed at me the words NOT REAL.

But it was still captivating. I wasn't bored, not in the least. I was confused, yes, but definitely not bored.

Run, I heard a voice say. I jumped, wondering where the sudden sound came from. I was beginning to think this would be a mute dream.

"Where?" It took me a moment to realize that I was speaking now, out loud. Up till now I had only been thinking that word.

Anywhere, it answered. Just go. Run.

I looked around, still not knowing who was speaking. I was no longer in control of my actions. Now I was just a bystander, watching the film of my dream.

You know how when you're watching a horror movie, and all of a sudden the main character is in this terrible situation, yet they're completely unaware of it? They just think everything is perfect, but you just want to scream at them, "GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!"?

Yea. I was there now.

But I couldn't find my voice. I couldn't yell at myself to leave, to listen to that voice in the forest. So I just watched helplessly.

I had stopped looking for the source of the voice. I was just standing there now, thinking, 'Now what?'

Was this a message? Was there someone from above trying to show me how hopelessly stupid I truly was?

Yea, that was probably it.

Thank you, you've proven your point. I GET IT.

Yet, of course, the dream carries on.

RUN! The voice was yelling now. You would think that would knock some sense into me, but no. I had to stay stubborn.

I watched intently as I opened my mouth to say something else, when suddenly a bloodcurling scream filled the forest and just about shattered my eardrums. Okay, now I felt it. My heart seemed to be working again, because I was now filled with endless, painful fear.

And that was when I chose to run.

Smart, huh?

In the blink of an eye, I was back in control. What I mean is, I wasn't just watching anymore. I was actually in there, in the forest, currently being attacked by a... well, I wasn't exactly sure what it was. All I knew was the air was being drained out of my lungs, the life being pulled out of my body.

And then it was over.


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