I'm so sorry! I absolutely hate it when people put up author's notes as chapters, but here I am, doing that myself. Don't worry; I'll try to make this quick.

Well, you might have been able to guess what this was about. But in case you don't know, let me explain.

Right now I'm trying to deal with a few things. I have decisions to make and work to do and I don't like overusing the excuse "I've been busy". I'm not going to stop writing and updating stories on FictionPress, but I thought it best to announce that I am putting Lost on hold for a little while. This will take a little bit of the weight off of my shoulders, even though I hate doing this. :(

I will continue to update The Heartbreakers, though. That's going to be my main project for a while, at least until I decide to come back to this story. Hopefully this isn't an inconvenience to anyone.

PM or email me if you have any questions. Once again, I am so, so, so, so, SO sorry for this!!!