Ahh Luke Michaels. Every girl's heartthrob. Personally whenever I look at him walking through the hallway like he owns the whole Fucking school I want to throw a god damned sledge hammer at his overly perfect face and watch as it crumbles with every second that passes. Ahh do I sound like an obsessed hormonal teenage girl whose only thoughts in life are about sex well having sex with Luke Michaels that is? I do don't I. Okay that is called sarcasm; I like to use it a lot.

I went back to reading Romeo and Juliet the classic Shakespeare love triangle. I was sitting alone at my table in the cafeteria. I was alone because my two best friends decided to have a make-out session in the school janitor's closet. Seriously it's like the own the place, I mean the poor janitor hasn't gone in there for weeks after he found out what was going in on in there. Yes, you know what I mean. I do still love them though. Sarlu by bestest of all best friends aka lulu has been my friend since the first day of high school and I am forever grateful to her since she has stuck by me through everything. Her boyfriend who happens to also be my best friend, Djaq (pronounced jack), is the most awesomest guys I know. He is totally down to earth and I love him as much as I love her because when we have a fight (not that we do often) I can go to him and he patches things up. Isn't he the sweetest? The only downfall is he happens to be best mates with a so called arrogant perverted jerk known as the infamous Luke. Ha-ha what a coincidence, a disastrous, world changing coincidence. God I hate that fuckwit. As in Luke not Djaq.

My thoughts were rudely interrupted by a consistently annoying tapping on my shoulder. I knew who it was but, I honestly didn't give a damn so I continued to read. The tapping got harder and more annoying if that is possible.

"What the fuck do you want Michaels?" I asked irritated but without turning around.

"Oh…me…well, nothing." He stated calmly with that freaking smirk plastered on his face.

"fuckwit." Was all I said and continued reading. The tapping started again.

"Do you want a hole in your face Michaels?" I sighed and glared at him.

"Not really it would be awfully hard to see; Matthews."

"then maybe you should walk back to your little group of pansies, and join in the sexually orientated conversation that requires no brain cells. Oh, oh guess what. Just the conversation for you." It was his time to glare.

"well if no brain cells are required then you should come join it to."

"The last thing I want to do with my time is spend it around you and brainless bimbos." This is what I have to put up with every day when Lulu and Djaq are getting busy.

"Firstly they're HOT brainless bimbos, and secondly you and me both know that you want to get busy with me in your friends janitor closet." How the fuck did he know about the closet?.................................................. Djaq.

"Okay…..ewwwwwww!!!! you are seriously the most perverted jerk I know?"

"I'm the only perverted jerk you know." He smirked.

"And why exactly is that a good thing?" I questioned really confused.

"Because it means you think about me. Love me or hate me you're thinking 'bout me." He smiled disgustingly sweetly at me before turning around and returning to his table of jocks and plastics.

OMG!!! He was right even though I hated him, I was always thinking about him!!! Now that's disturbing.